Working with Britain’s favourite adventurer for Celebrity Cruises


It’s been a busy week for Siren’s Celebrity Cruises team, who took to the airwaves on Tuesday with Ben Fogle to promote his expanded ‘Great Adventures’ collection of onshore excursions.

Using exclusive research to underpin a story that put travel at the top of people’s lists for sources of adventure and excitement – despite the tyranny of technology – Siren’s Celebrity Cruises team secured 16 radio and TV interviews, including BBC radio Scotland, BBC Radio Sheffield and ITV News, in a blizzard of briefings on behalf of one of our longest-serving clients.

Ben Fogle’s Great Adventures is a collection of excursions – curated by Ben himself in his capacity as Celebrity Cruises’ Global Destination Ambassador – that give ship guests the chance to see the ports of call they visit in a new way. Whether it is hiking up a volcano in St Kitts, kayaking in Alaska or yachting in Antigua, they are designed, as Ben says, to “inspire Brits to continue sharing my passion for adventure – and to get their dopamine hits from daring to do something different.”

Our research – which was collated together into the ‘Adventure Index’ and shared as an infographic – showed that nearly two-thirds (59 per cent) of respondents identified ‘travelling to new destinations’ as a source of excitement compared to less than 20 per cent citing new videos from a favourite YouTubers, or following the adventures of celebrities or Influencers on social media as exciting. The survey revealed that news about royal weddings or babies was selected by just 13 per cent of respondents as exciting, and bloggers everywhere should be concerned to read only that five per cent of Brits experience a frisson when they publish a new post. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, it is the older generation who are least animated by the details of celebrity life, or the latest pronouncements of the ‘Influencer’ community – less than two per cent of people aged 55 and over cited these as a source of excitement, compared to the 74 per cent who selected travelling.

Great work by the team!