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When Exercise Pays Off…


Just as the ‘New Year new me’ bunch signed up for the gym in the last week of December, David Lloyd Clubs launched a new campaign to encourage office workers to get some exercise during the day.

The quirky pop-up campaign, ‘Run for your Bun’, is a café that accepts exercise as a method of payment for food in a bid to help people live a balanced healthy lifestyle. Those visiting the café during their lunch hour can choose a healthy meal and then hit the rowing, cycling or running machines to pay for it. The 10 minute HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts, that act as payment, have each been created by personal trainers at David Lloyds Clubs and burn around 150 calories. Each meal comes with a receipt which lists how many minutes you have to spend on each exercise – with an optional surcharge of 20 burpees.

The campaign is a fantastic way to stand out in the New Year rush of brands making the most of people’s resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle. It makes more fun out of the rush to the gym and not only helps people to think about the food they are eating, but also encourages office workers to take a lunch break away from their desk. Every bit of exercise throughout the day helps!