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Walking On The Moon In 2017 – Pr Trends Go Intergalactic


In 2015 we joked that the answer to so many PR briefs across the industry was to float something down the Thames. Hat tip to Airbnb who did one of the best jobs of this in May 2015 with a blue house available to stay in.

In 2016 the most on-trend response was to put something in Waterloo station. The Ghostbusters takeover was our absolute favourite of the year. You can read our blog on this piece on integrated communications genius – with every detail thought of – here.

So what next for 2017? What is the PR trend to be on top of in the next 12 months?

Our prediction, the year of the space stunt. The World Pie Eating Championships have started things early by sending a meat and potato pie into space a couple of days ago on a weather balloon under the guise of seeing if a space trek will change the molecular structure of the pie and make it easier to eat. Pies boldly going where no pie had gone before. Genius. We loved it. Not least the great pie-in-the-sky headlines it delivered.

We’ll be keeping a (captain’s) log of the great and good stories heading star-ward next year. We’re sure that our industry’s amazing PR brains will plane brilliantly (sorry). As for our jokes, no comet.