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Trump Talk: What To Make Of It


We’ve read so many interesting pieces from comms professionals over the last few weeks trying to decipher Trump’s game plan, his communications strategy and his PR play.

A recent interesting pulse check by Question and Retain on communications professionals and senior management personnel threw up some interesting results on what they think will happen next.

Over a third think his signing of Executive Orders is to show that he is acting on election promises, a fifth are predicting major errors coming soon (err…. haven’t they already started?), and a world weary five per cent of respondents are over the whole Trump administration.

Whatever you think might be coming next, there is no denying that what has been unfolding has comms professionals hooked.

If there is indeed a strategy, can it really have been focused on just on firefighting? Or is the plan to get the contentious bits all out in the open all at once, and then slowly build and recover? Perhaps the plan is to have a multitude of PR disasters and incompetent people then position Trump himself as a saviour who will swoop in and seamlessly manage mission reputation recovery.

Whatever the plan, you can cry laughing at the ever incredible Saturday Night Live’s take on White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

Trump talk is all anyone can talk about. Is that the game plan? It’s blummin well working if so.