SEO, URL, CPC, CTR, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH – Get more traffic for your travel website.

Many times travel businesses will invest resources into building a website only to tick it of the ‘to do’ list and very little understanding how to maximise it and draw in new business leads. Or worse! Heaven forbid one completely by passes this and just set up social media channels missing out on promoting valuable travel website content!

So how can travel companies, especially those utilising a travel pr agency, direct traffic to their websites? Content, content, content! And don’t skimp out on SEO – yes that dreaded acronym. It’s pretty self-explanatory: Search Engine Optimisation and your business’ best friend if you take the time to understand what it does for you!

Promote what you’re doing exceptionally well. Toot your own horn, shout about it from every rooftop!You’re allowed! How? Build a blog on your website as a shop ‘window shop’ to your services and what you bring to the table and boost it through Instagram and/or Twitter. This is the most organic (and less costly) way to drive traffic to your website.

Then there are other ways of driving business leads to your website which involve a bit more investment.  Facebook and Google re-targeting ads are just two of the tools that will not only direct people to your website but also re engage those who have visited before.

If you’re still unsure about the best way to approach website traffic here’s great piece on Forbes on the 23 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website.

Bottom line is, in a time were so much information is pushing consumers/clients in different directions it’s important to cut through the noise and not only capture your audience’s attention but keep them engaged with content that quenched their thirst of knowledge for a particular topic.

And if you’re looking for a good‘horn tooting’ example, check out Siren’s other blog posts to see how we display our own PR/Comms case studies and client work.