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TikTok and Yondu – The Perfect Combination?

TikTok, it’s no longer just the name of a song, or the sound a clock makes. Ask any Gen Z, what is TikTok? Our guess is their reply would be ‘the best and most addictive app, ever!’ With over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, TikTok has crashed onto the social media scene in style.


This is why we have recently launched our client Yondu Vegetable Umami to expand its current online presence from Instagram and Facebook to branch out and have its very own TikTok account. This is great for Yondu Vegetable Umami as along with TikTok being immensely popular, it is also currently one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world…



The launch to TikTok gives Yondu Vegetable Umami an opportunity to engage with a new young audience through short, snappy, creative videos. TikTok is somewhat similar to Instagram Reels, but different in the way of success if your TikTok goes viral on the For You Page (FYP). Yondu Vegetable Umami is a vegan, all-purpose seasoning sauce for plant-rich cooking and due to its versatility, we believe it has the ability to take TikTok head on through creative cooking videos that encourage viewers to try the recipe at home. In the near future Yondu Vegetable Umami hopes to take TikTok by storm, go viral, engage with new audiences, and therefore create more sales and increase brand recognition. We’re already seeing user generated content and rising numbers in engagement.



Here at Siren Comms we are learning more about the TikTok tricks of the trade every day, as this new social media app takes over the world one short video at a time. We recognise the powerful tool that is TikTok, and that’s why we’re helping our clients to launch into this new social media world, keeping up to date with the digital landscape so our clients can remain relevant to their audiences and evolve with on-going trends.



Have you spotted Yondu Vegetable Umami on your FYP yet?


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