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the benefits of being a b corp

We at Siren Comms are in the process of becoming a Benefit Corporation, also known as B Corp.


This is a certification that shows the world what your company stands for. What drew us to this is that B Corp gives us an opportunity to declare that we care about more than profit, that balancing profit and purpose is important to us as a company. Working with our clients Delphis Eco, a sustainable cleaning brand and XeroE, an emission-free delivery service that are both certified B Corps inspired us to take the leap and apply for it. 


To become a B Corp is not an easy process, there is a rigorous assessment by the non-profit B Lab that gauges a company’s positive impact on workers, communities, the environment and its policies on accountability and transparency. The journey starts by registering and doing their free online B Impact Assessment. It’s a long set of thought-provoking questions with multiple choice answers that review your business policies, operations, treatment of staff and environmental impact scoring your responses out of a total of 200. To be eligible for B Corp certification, you must score at least 80 out of 200. The questions encourage businesses to ‘delve deep’ and drives you to form opinions on how you think things are going to be. 


Benefits of being a B Corp include: 

Being part of a like-minded tribe: businesses are part of a community where they can learn from and share their own ideas with other B Corps. B Lab hosts various events throughout the year that brings B Corps together 

More Credibility: consumers and other businesses trust companies with a B Corp status., With that seal of approval, they know your business is honestly committed to creating real environmental or societal change. 
Staying ahead of the curve: the assessment measures your business’s social and environmental impact. It gives businesses measurable benchmarks that push them to maintain and improve their company’s social and environmental benefits. There’s a re-certification process every three years to ensure companies are alert to improvement opportunities. 

Attracts the best talent: Being a B Corp helps to attract and retain good employees who are already committed to issues of sustainability and/or social change, they are already engaged in what you’re doing. 

Gain media exposure: Publications are keen to cover companies who pursue purpose before profit, as millennials enter the workforce and consumers increasingly seek companies that are transparent and responsible. B Corps have a step up on the competition for exposure on these topics.  


The leaders of B -Corps believe that sustainable business is better business and that they can use their business as a force for good. We are excited to be on this B Corp journey, the process has really made us reflect on our business and areas we need to improve on that were not apparent before. We hope to have good news on our application soon…watch this space!