The Arch Of Triumph In Trafalgar Square


This week at Siren HQ, we haven’t stopped discussing the 20ft scale model of Palmyra’s destroyed Arch of Triumph that was unveiled in Trafalgar Square on Tuesday.

Made from marble and using 3D technology from photographs of the original, the arch was created by experts from the Institute of Digital Archaeology (IDA) and then transported to Britain, before being rebuilt in the capital. It is a great testament to the power of technology and for many people, a strong ‘screw you’, to those involved in destroying the original.

The original 1,800-year-old arch was destroyed by Islamic State militants last October and as reported by the Guardian, ‘is intended as an act of defiance to show that restoration of the ancient site is possible if the will is there.’

It was unveiled by Boris Johnson, who said that people were there in solidarity with the people of Syria and in defiance of the barbarians who destroyed the original. From the huge crowds gathering to view the replica, it is a sentiment that resonates with many Londoners – images of the arch have been shared online extensively.

3D printing has been used to create car parts, smartphone cases, fashion accessories, medical equipment and artificial organs to date. And its innovations continue – digital archaeology is just one way that 3D printing brings to life physical things, old and new.

For communications professionals it is perhaps still in the ‘quirky’ box gaining coverage and interest for being new. It opens up many doors in terms of stunts and we can’t wait to start seeing further incredible things brought to life in a new way. The ability of 3D printing to recreate the past, and reimagine the future means that it is subject we expect to gain much media, influencer and brand attention for some time yet.

The Arch is on display in London until the end of the week before it moves to New York and then Dubai..