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Telling Stories On Social Media


Stories have always been a key part of what we do and when social media platforms decided to take them on as a feature we loved the idea of it. Snapchat introduced its Stories feature a few years back allowing users to share videos and photos with friends, families and followers. After 24 hours, the stories disappear and a new story begins.

Last year photo sharing platform Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) introduced its own Stories feature within the app allowing people to share their images and short videos for 24 hours. Although Instagram was originally criticised for copying Snapchat, the feature has been embraced by users and is well used.

Fast forward to last week and the news broke that WhatsApp (which, like Instagram, is also owned by Facebook) has introduced its own Stories-style feature called ‘WhatsApp Status’. It was also accused of a copy-cat move, but did excite some brands with its potential to become a new advertising platform with mini-ads screened between statuses.

As storytellers ourselves, it’s great for us to embrace all of these new platforms to tell our own, and our clients, stories. Having multiple platforms allowing for the Stories feature is great because it also means that people and brands have to make sure they are capturing different content for each platform to ensure there is plenty of variety and that the content is suited for that particular platform’s audience.

As professional storytellers we can’t wait to see how the platforms continue to evolve and allow users to get even more creative with their posts.