social media round up

social media round up_ star wars sushi, dinosaur holograms and big changes to facebook

the winds of change in your newsfeed_

Have you found yourself drifting away from Facebook and spending more and more time on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat? That may well be down to the frustration of seeing too much content from companies rather than our friends and family’s updates on Facebook.

It seems the social network giant has caught wind of this and is looking to change it. How? By making brand content less prominent and highlighting posts that encourage further interaction between users.

Mark Zuckerberg said, “we’ve gotten feedback from our community that public content – posts from businesses, brands and media – is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other”.

The big picture with this change is to support a positive state of mind for the platform’s users and provide them with a more ‘valuable’ experience on the site by promoting “meaningful posts”.

Whilst this may be challenging for brands and businesses, this should hopefully be a positive change for our society and the path that social media platforms will go down.

offer advice.

It raises the question; will AI further suck us into digital isolation or is it a solution to the epidemic of loneliness affecting so many people? Stay tuned.


something rotten in the state of Denmark_

This week, Denmark’s youngsters were caught in a scandal with more than a thousand young people charged by police for distributing sexually explicit material of two fifteen year olds via Facebook Messenger.

Danish police revealed that offenders would be listed for ten years on a register of child pornography delinquents if found guilty of issuing indecent exposure of children and a conditional 20 day prison sentence.

Danish superintendents have used this case to serve a warning to young people to never share intimate videos.

If we’ve said it before we’ve said it a million times: if you don’t want to share your private moments with the world, don’t put them online!

move aside VR, Deepframe is here_

Ever imagined seeing yourself as a life-sized hologram? Well now you can thanks to augmented reality.

Think bigger than a virtual reality headset or your phone because one company – Realfiction – has launched DeepFrame, screens that create life-sized holograms that can integrate into the world around us. Imagine seeing a dinosaur in a hotel lobby?

The setup seems simple but the effects are impressive. Using a single piece of clear 64-inch glass designed with special optics, it’s able to reflect an image projected onto it – genius!

Control your excitement for now as DeepFrame is being pushed out to large businesses only and it doesn’t come cheap, but you may see it pop up in shopping centres and hotels across the world soon.

Until then, here’s a teaser of what to expect.


Ben-to or Ben-to not. there is no try_

The geekier members of the Siren family went a little Star Wars mad before Christmas, and our enthusiasm for The Last Jedi hasn’t abated, so when Disney released a video tutorial on YouTube to create you very own sushi inspired Porg, we couldn’t contain our excitement.

Under the tutelage of Instagrammer Omgiri, a specialist in Disney themed bento boxes, you too can create the world’s cutest side dish, complete with carrot feet and sesame encrusted wings. Whilst the video itself hasn’t gone hugely viral yet (16k views so far), we love it! The rice cooker is on order and all future meals will be accompanied by a side of sci-fi inspired rice!