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Specialists unite to bring SOUND – joined up marketing and PR to the travel and tourism sector




London, November 2018 – Today, an exciting new agency collaboration enters the market, with a refreshing client-first philosophy at its centre and an independent, unbiased, ‘channel neutral’ activation team as backers.

SOUND – joined up marketing & PR is the brainchild of former client and agency colleagues Jo Briody, Jackie Arnott-Raymond, Duncan Collins and Rachel O’Connor, who together have created and developed SOUND joined up marketing and PR over the last six months. 

Born out of their shared belief and experience of working together for big brand client businesses, the team conceived SOUND as a solution to the client agency choice dilemma.  Their collective experience of working together across clients in the travel and leisure sector led them to two founding observations for SOUND:


  • Firstly, that there are many clients that are not ready for and can’t afford global agencies, but seek/need the talent, disciplines and creativity associated with that level of business.
  • Secondly, there is increasing pressure at the client end to find agency partners who will work together and provide channel neutral solutions and a one team approach devoid of inter-agency conflict around fee and channel ownership.


Jo Briody, partner for SOUND:

“I’ve seen it time and again from a client-side perspective that you rarely get an unbiased integrated agency solution that gives you what the business needs.  There are too many internal conflicts for agencies and clients that drive recommendations and decision making at both ends.  This means that the client doesn’t always receive the best advice, campaigns and strategic solutions based on what the business actually needs commercially.   SOUND is focused on doing exactly that.  By removing the barriers we focus on just solving the problem at hand and giving the client the best and commercially right solution and recommendations, with no hidden agendas.  Perfect!”


Duncan Collins, partner for SOUND:

“SOUND will set out to reduce inefficiencies, improve return on investment and increase impact.  Working apolitically together as ONE team but representing all channels we can deliver joined up, channel neutral marketing communication solutions and campaigns. 

It’s been very liberating to work together.  We all enjoy collaborating and that underpins everything.  But importantly we have taken the commercial decision to fully share the rewards and investment from any work we do together. We are able to be totally transparent with how this works from a client perspective, which will reinforce the appeal of this new offer.”


Jackie Arnott-Raymond, partner for SOUND:

“The team’s work will focus on providing the best client solutions to meet their commercial objectives by working together to drive measurable results.  Our formula, developed by combining the multi-disciplinary tools available from each business, is designed to significantly improve results and budget effectiveness whilst reducing time wastage associated with agency management and duplication of effort.   Importantly this is all about improving client results. That’s where the magic happens for us all.  We all still love it when a campaign is visibly and measurably successful.” 


The team will offer integrated marketing communications in one united agency set up.   This provides clients with one stop access to independent, collaborative and unbiased multichannel-thinking, appealing to clients looking to gain access to best value and talent, whilst saving critical time and money. 


SOUND joined up marketing & PR will initially focus its client offering across the leisure, travel, transport and tourism sectors where the team have a strong proven track record of delivering results for fast growing, moving clients working to tight budgets.  SOUND will launch in November ahead of the busy turn of year, and focusing on a simple purpose: to provide clients with commercially savvy thinking and delivery, but in a channel neutral form.   


To find out more about Sound joined up marketing & PR please visit or contact