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Mastering Social Media Engagement: Strategies for Building Meaningful Connections

Agencies often face the challenge of increasing engagement on social media platforms for their clients. They ask, “How can we make our content more engaging?” Having worked across diverse industries such as alcohol, hospitality, food, travel, music and charities, Jack Taylor identifies key points to consider when developing a social media strategy and creating content that resonates with audiences.


Simplify your content creation process: Avoid overthinking your content. Keep it simple.


Sell the values, not the product: Instead of solely promoting your products or services, emphasise the values your brand represents. Connect with your audience on a deeper level.


Know your audience: Ensure that your content is relevant to your target audience. Understand their interests, preferences and needs.


Encourage interaction: Spark conversations with your audience by asking questions and seeking their opinions. Make them feel heard and valued.


Cultivate authenticity: Develop a genuine personality for your brand that aligns with your values. Avoid exploiting sensitive topics, politics, or current events for the sake of gaining attention.


Leverage competitions: Use competitions to engage your audience. Make sure the prizes are relevant to your brand and keep the entry requirements simple.


Presenting your brand on social media platforms poses several challenges, such as measuring growth, identifying relevant trends, maintaining a consistent tone of voice, and effectively measuring engagement. It’s important to understand why you want to measure engagement and set clear KPIs.


Although vanity metrics can be considered superficial, it’s crucial to recognise their significance. Social media is about optics and people will judge social media accounts based on their numbers, which influences their trust and willingness to engage. Large follower numbers create an impression of trustworthiness. As humans, we often create narratives in our minds based on these numbers.


Social media engagement isn’t for all brands. If the brand sells products consistently but lacks social media engagement, you can leverage this as part of your brand’s personality, style, and tone of voice.

Not all customers are ready to make a purchase immediately. However, when they are, you want your brand to be top-of-mind. This highlights the importance of creating engaging content that sticks with your audience, even beyond the point of sale.


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