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Social Media Round Up – It’s A Valentine’s Love-Fest


Love was in the air this Valentine’s week so we thought it only right that this week’s social media round-up included an air of romance.

Step forward Shed Simove and his innovative approach to online dating with the launch of his own dating app, Shinder. Mr Simove launched the app with one unique feature, himself…as the only man available to date on the app with its supporting tagline, ‘quality, not quantity’. The app shares similar functionality to one of the more established apps on the market, Tinder, where users can login via Facebook and then swipe left or right depending on whether they like what they see or not.

By eliminating the competition Mr Simove has arguably given himself the edge in the competitive world of online dating. Time will tell whether it leads to everlasting love and the launch of a wedding planner app but he certainly gets a swipe right from us for initiative.


In light of Valentine’s Day this week, a woman in Singapore created a ‘feminist wingman’ to accompany those on their search for love. Created in the form of a Facebook Messenger chatbot, the virtual wingman aims to help users ‘impress that feminist’ in their life by equipping them with empowering pick-up lines which are accompanied by relevant gifs. One of our favourite lines in the Siren office from our chat with the bot is “do you have a map? I’m getting lost in your eyes and I don’t believe that women are bad at directions’. We wonder if the feminist chatbot helped anyone find that special someone on Tuesday…



Our favourite social media story this week was from Laura and Jason Kenny who chose to announce that they are having a baby on Instagram with a really cute photo. In true cycling champion style they uploaded a picture of two adult bikes and one baby bike. Congratulations!! We can’t wait for more baby bike pics! #watchthisspace



This week we watched as renowned peddler of controversy, Piers Morgan, tried to take on beloved author and bringer of joy, JK Rowling, in a Twitter battle. Morgan had been verbally brought down on American TV over his unwavering support of Donald Trump, much to the joy of Rowling. When she expressed her glee on Twitter, Morgan responded with “This is why I’ve never read a single word of Harry Potter”. Rowling delivered the ultimate blow with a post that shared a glowing article praising the author, she wrote “Just been sent this! Could the writer let me know who he is? I’d love to thank him!” Morgan took the bait and responded with the predicted vitriol, accusing her of bragging. Fans were quick to pounce and point out that it was in fact him that wrote the piece.

But in all of this the real hero was Big Green Bookshop, a small independent bookshop in London who took to Twitter in response to Piers Morgan having said that he’d never read the Harry Potter books and is Tweeting them at him, 140 characters at a time. @BigGreenBooks, we salute you!