social media round up

social media round up_ want to know when to post on instagram to get the most likes?

the time is nigh_

Is your Instagram feed in need of some action? It turns out that the time of day that you post your content could well be the trick you are missing.

The team at Later have gone above and beyond to delve into user engagement on the platform and found that there are two ‘peak times’ that we should all be posting our content.

First up is the 2am slot. Surprising yes, but according to their report, 2am posts are a sure way to get your post seen. When followers wake up it will it will be your masterpiece they see first.

The second slot is 5pm. Apparently, we are a nation of avid Instagram users on the big commute home. There is a great breakdown in The Metro this week if you want to read more. We look forward to seeing a lot more of your perfectly timed posts!


snapchat vs facebook... again_

The latest update on the rivalry between the two social media giants is that Facebook is planning to roll out Instagram Stories on WhatsApp.

To ‘one up’ Snapchat, Facebook has introduced a new function whereby users who post a story to Instagram can cross post to WhatsApp. As per Stories (and the original disappearing content biggie, Snapchat), they would only be available for 24 hours before disappearing.

The idea behind this update is to save users time when posting, allowing them to post the same content in one go. It may also be a ploy to make up for the lack of users engaging in Stories on Facebook and Messenger.

Only time will tell how users will react to yet another function but rest assured Snapchat, this is still under trial so let the competitions continue.



social media lights up for #times up_

The annual Golden Globes ceremony was the talk of the town before, during and after the celebrity filled event this week, especially across social media platforms.

This year the focus of the show shifted from film and competition winners, to the women leading the ‘Time’s Up’ campaign, calling for the end of sexual assault, harassment and inequality in the workplace.

As a group of Hollywood’s most influential women lead the campaign at the Golden Globes (you may have seen Oprah’s impassioned speech), many followers turned to social media to express their opinions and support of the movement.

According to Ad Week, 3.3. million tweets went live regarding the show and undoubtedly, the majority of these were focused on the main highlight of the event. ‘Talkwalker’, a social media analytics platform confirmed that during the Golden Globes evening #Timesup was tweeted around 473,900 times, #WhyIWearBlack was included on Twitter 178,500 times, whilst #Metoo was mentioned 174,300 times.

A great night for social media, women and the future.



should parents ban snapchat_

This week, Snapchat found itself at the centre of debate when children’s commissioner, Anne Longfield, said that the app was one of the most troubling and addictive platforms in today’s social media sphere. Suggesting that parents should “keep their kids off Snapchat”, Anne urged parents to closely monitor their children’s online activity.

Her particular criticism was aimed at the addictive nature of the platform which rewards users for daily engagement and the lacklustre efforts at preventing under-13s from signing up.

The children’s commissioner has requested a meeting with the video messaging platform, but no meeting has taken place as yet.

We hope the meeting does take place, social media is an incredibly powerful tool that can be both good and bad; social media education and corporate responsibility can make a massive difference in making sure the positive outweighs the negative.