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Social Media Round Up – What Is Covfefe?


This week the internet was trying to solve the mystery of covfefe. It’s a riddle that President Trump has had us pondering since a now infamous typo on Twitter. The full tweet read, ‘Despite the constant negative press covfefe.’ Perplexed users pounced on the mistake – which should’ve said ‘coverage’ – and so spawned the endless comedy responses. Fancy brightening up your Friday afternoon? has pulled together some of the best jokes and memes. Enjoy.



This week there has been another platform jumping on the disappearing content bandwagon. Video messaging platform, Skype, has now added its own ‘Stories’ feature called ‘highlights’, but unlike Snapchat’s feature where the content disappears after 24 hours, Skypes Stories will disappear after a week. From the main screen users can swipe to access the camera and post a video or photos which people in your network can then react to. Like Snapchat and Instagram the feature allows users to record their day to day activity. Skype is trying to break into the market already dominated by other social media giants – watch this space to find out how they fair!



There is less than one week until the general election and social media users are searching for the ‘missing’ Prime Minister. While many watch broadcasted debates to help sway their decision and others simply for entertainment, the UK was puzzled when Tory leader and Prime Minister, Theresa May had someone else debate in her place with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
May argued it is important to have a strong and capable (stable?) team surrounding her and this is why she had someone stand in her place, many took to social media to mock her absence. One person posted a ‘Where’s Wally’ photo filled with busy cartoon street scenes with the caption “Where’s Theresa?” Another user tweeted “The first rule of strong leadership is to show up”. As a result the hashtags #WheresTheresa and #WheresMay trended this week.



This week energy drink brand, Lucozade, gave away bottles of its fizzy drink with contactless chips in them giving people free tube journeys. The bottles were handed out at busy Oxford Circus tube station and paid for commuters and tourists journeys home. The chip in the bottles could be swiped like an oyster card at barriers and happy users took to social media to share their joy at the free trip using the brand tagline #findyourflow. One user tweeted “What is this witchcraft #findyourflow” with another tweeting “people are going to think I’m strange.” A great campaign by Lucozade and fun way to bring technology to life.