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Social Media Round Up – Twitter Introduces Moments And The Force Awakens Premiers


This week, Twitter added a ‘Moment’ tab which allows users to easily access breaking news from around the world. The stories are curated by Twitter journalists and other media partners to show “Moments that matter now”. Expect to see a mixture of pictures tweets and links to other accounts. It is possible to scroll to news that is most relevant to you whether that is entertainment, news, sports or just general fun. So far this week we have seen everything from the “moment” Tim Peake went into space to the Christmas picture from the royals.

The International Organisation for Migration and a British charity have launched a social media campaign to encourage migrants around the world to share their life stories and change the perception of those moving between borders. As the world recognises UN International Migrants Day this Friday 18 December, the campaign aims to challenge anti-immigrant rhetoric and celebrate cultural diversity and the vital contribution that immigration has on society. If you want to share your story, be sure to visit

Social media has been ablaze this week with the premier of the hugely anticipated new Star Wars Film, The Force Awakens. In addition to the specialised emoji on twitter when using #StarWars and #TheForceAwakens and even #JJAbrams, Disney’s marketing team went off-screen to capture the attention of UK audiences. The historic Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square was turned into a giant lightsabre to mark the European premier of the film. Reviews have been mixed on this stunt, while some people think its genius, others tweeted their outrage that it was disrespectful to allow one of Britain’s most popular memorials to be used to promote a film.

Had enough of tying ribbon on your luggage in an attempt to identify your suitcase at an airport baggage claim only to find that everyone else has done the same? Well one man has found an innovative solution by printing a photo of himself directly on his luggage. An image of the man sitting next to his suitcase was posted to the online image sharing site Imgur, with the caption ‘the best way to not lose your luggage’ and has since gone viral. Could this be the first travel trend for 2016?