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Social Media Round Up – Tip Jar For Facebook


Facebook adds a ‘tip jar’?

Rumour has it that Facebook is to add a ‘tip jar’ so users can make money from their posts. The update would allow users to give a cash tip in exchange for a good post, so instead of just liking a post you can show your support and love via a tip. Will this make a Facebook career viable? Well, plenty of bloggers and influencers already have established careers via posting, in-streaming and tweeting – now they can just earn their income directly. The new micro-payment system should promote and encourage more high quality and engaging content from interesting and popular contributors as well as more focused journalistic stories. Perhaps tipping for the content that we like will evolve into how we buy our news and we may see an even bigger decline in newspapers and those journalist will start to freelance on Facebook and produce some thrilling stories. The ‘tip jar’ may drive millennial entrepreneurship where we see vibrant and stimulating posts and nurturing up and coming talents, personalities and social influencers.

Virtually at Coachella

This week YouTube launched new virtual reality technology to give viewers front row experiences of their favourite concerts and events right from the comfort of home. The video giant has already been streaming live sport and concert for some time but took it a step further by introducing new ‘Cardboard technology’ which gives Android users access to 360-degree videos allowing them to ‘turn their heads’ and look around when watching a live stream. The new live streaming service was used by festival fans around the world this week who couldn’t physically make it to the music event of the year, but were able to virtually attend Coachella for free. With the video and audio changing as the viewers turn their heads there’s no longer a need to queue for hours to see your favourite band, you can do it all from the comfort of home.