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Social Media Round Up – The Elizabeth Line And #Sharetheload


Commuters rejoiced this week when the announcement of one leg of the new cross rail was revealed. Following in the steps of the Victoria line and aptly named after Queen Elizabeth, the new ‘Elizabeth Line’ will connect London with Essex and Reading. The hashtag #Elizabethline has been trending on Twitter since TFL announced the new line along with its purple logo, which was first unveiled by the Queen herself. The introductory tweet from TFL stated that the name of the line had been chosen as lasting tribute to the longest serving monarch – Queen Elizabeth. Twitter users were pleased that the new line is named after our Queen with one user stating ‘The Lizzie Line – great choice, and a no-brainer in hindsight! “Taking the Lizzie Line to Reading!” sounds right!’ The new line will start running in December 2018.

This week we are loving Ariel India’s #ShareTheLoad campaign, which has landed just in time for Mother’s Day. This simple but effective campaign highlights the numerous daily household tasks that are usually assigned to women, shedding light on how gender inequality often begins in the home. The video was shared by Facebook’s COO and has gained over 7million views in just two days – a must watch for all.

Users no longer have to take the time and effort to write “dislike” on Facebook: the company now provides a selection of expressive images christened ‘Reactions’ to use for a wider variety of occasions than simply hitting “like”. The faces and a heart have names: ‘Love’, ‘Haha’, ‘Wow’, ‘Sad’ or ‘Angry’. A video explaining the concept in greater depth was posted to Facebook’s blog on Wednesday morning. To activate the new reactions, simply hover a cursor or hold down a finger over the traditional upturned thumb and the new selection pops up.

Facebook has also introduced the ‘birthday cam’ to its platform, offering a more interactive and fun way to share birthday wishes with friends – good old-fashioned video. The new feature allows users to post 15 second long videos to the recipient’s wall celebrating their birthday in any way users see fit.