social media round up

Social Media Round Up – Swipe Away Your Twitter History And Create Bespoke Snapchat Filters


Our favourite discovery of the week is the “Keep or Delete” app. Some of us have many thousands of tweets to our names, not all of them that we would be proud of. The prospect of trawling through Twitter to remove redundant or embarrassing messages is fairly daunting. One option is to delete your account entirely, but that’s a little drastic. The premise of Tobias Block’s app is very simple… the app will present you with your tweets one at a time, and, not unlike a certain dating app, gives you the option of swiping left to delete the tweet or right to keep it. The result, many a train journey passed peacefully flicking ex-tweets into oblivion, and a curated twitter feed to boot.



Are you bored by the choice of filters on Snapchat? Sick of puppy ears? Tired of looking like a punk rocker with flowers in your hair? Well Snapchat has just released the answer to all your selfie woes.

Users in the UK are now able to create and customise their very own geofilters directly through the app. Whether it’s a special event, group holiday or just for fun, once the filter is approved by Snapchat it is then accessible to other users too.

To create your own geofilter, open the app, tap the Snapchat logo in the top-left corner, open the Settings menu and select On-Demand geofilters.

Once all your design needs are met, give it a name and set the area you would like it to cover (1,800– 450,000 sq. metres). When another user walks into the zone where you have set the filter live, they will be able to use it.

The only catch is the small charge of £5.99 per filter, which increases depending on the amount of days you wish to have it available. The whole process takes about one business day to complete and then you’re free to filter away. All that’s left for us to do is think what filter we’ll create for the next Siren team drinks!



There was a time when apps were all fun and games but BiliScreen app couldn’t be any more different to Snapchat and Heads Up. The new app, designed by medical professionals and computer scientists, is designed to spot the first signs of pancreatic cancer simply by taking a selfie. Pancreatic cancer can cause jaundice, which can lead to an imperceptible yellowing of the eye. By using a special pair of glasses, the app can detect the colour change that may indicate the early signs of cancer. The app is still being worked on at the University of Washington so we won’t all be a home doctor quite yet but it is in the pipeline.





We’ve written a fair bit recently about the upcoming advances in augmented reality technology, particularly with the impending launch of Apple’s iOS11. Ikea has announced the launch of a new app that embraces the ARKit technology with its intelligent depth perception to bring customers the Ikea Place app.

The app enables users to choose furniture in the eponymous brand’s range and “place” it in situ in the room on screen. The app is clever enough to even detect light levels to cast accurate digital shadows in view, allowing users to decide whether or not they might want to buy some extra lighting too. You can even share photos with your friends and family for a second opinion.

IKEA’s existing app has a similar, but limited, functionality, but this represents a significant step-change in accuracy and detail, even down to the app’s ability to replace real furniture with digital equivalents.

The app is expected to launch next month.