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Social Media Round Up – #Stormjonas And Vine Turns Three


Would you take a longer commute to work if it was cheaper? Blogger Jordon Cox saved £7.72 on his journey from Sheffield to Essex by taking a plane via Berlin. Although the journey took nearly 10 hours more than it would have by train, Jordon who blogs as ‘coupon kid’ for, said that flying via Berlin was the cheapest option and also allowed him to have a ‘mini holiday to a city he has always wanted to visit.’ Jordon’s journey has gone viral and he has been interviewed across a range of news outlets, the journey even became a topic of debate on BBC Question Time.

Storm Jonas has created a white blanket across the East Coast of the USA and as the snow continues to fall a number of time lapse videos have appeared across social media. Starting as a thin sheet of snow, gardens were soon covered in a thick duvet of white fluff. One video of a garden in Virginia has made its way across many media and social outlets, it was filmed in a garden for 24 hours between Friday and Saturday and the end shows the whole garden engulfed by snow. Since then, a number of other US residents have posted their own time lapse videos including the White House and for the time lapse of all time lapse videos, NASA has shared a video of Storm Jonas from space which her certainly gained momentum on social media.

You may have seen a stick man named Bill floating across social media this week. The ‘Be like Bill’ meme has taken Facebook by storm sharing people’s pet social media hates in a humorous way, Bill does not forward chain emails, he does not play candy crush, post duck face selfies or Instagram his morning lattes. The trending meme was made to teach the world social media etiquette and has been translated into four different languages due to its popularity. The stick figured Bill has gained over one million fans on his Facebook page and social media users have been using the hash tag #belikebill to share their very own social pet hates. Each meme with advice from Bill ends ‘Bill is smart, be like Bill’ so remember, before you post that tweet over the weekend think what would Bill do?

Vine celebrated its third birthday this week and to celebrate it is rolling out a brand new feature. The video sharing service is launching ‘Trend on Vine’ which allows users to not only scroll through their favourite videos, but discover and dig into stories. Here’s to many more years of watching people doing crazy things.

Pinterest recently shared its top trending searches for men and women so far in 2016 which prove that the sexes are most definitely different. Surprisingly, the highest trending searches by men were about food, specifically ‘paleo’ ideas, whereas women are more interested in finding budget-friendly travel with kids.