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Social Media Round Up – Snapchat Glasses And A Comedian Mayor


With the variety of social media platforms that are now available, it’s no shock to see the big players ‘borrowing’ features from one another to stay on top. Last month we saw Instagram introduce its new ‘stories’ feature which was very similar to Snapchat stories. This week we have seen social media giant Facebook trialling a feature similar to Twitter’s timeline where tweets from the people you speak with most are featured prominently. The ‘what friends are talking about‘ feature is currently being tested on some Android users and lists a few of your friends’ posts in a single box on the top of your feed. As the feature is only currently being tested, we have our fingers crossed that it will become permanent – no more endless scrolling through our newsfeeds.


We don’t usually listen to rumours, however, this week it was reported that Snapchat is apparently working on an augmented reality headset, similar to Google Glass. The social media platform has been experimenting with AR (augmented reality – which superimposes virtual images) for some time now with its filters, which allow users to add accessories and masks to photos and videos. Speculation of the glasses came after Snapchat joined the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, an industry body for wireless technology. We (along with Snapchat’s 150 million users) love Snapchat filters and are patiently watching this space for confirmation.


This weekend, British spirit helped us overcome the tragic and recent terror attacks in both London and Manchester. When the New York Times printed the headline “The London attacks hit a nation still reeling from the shock of bombing in Manchester almost 2 weeks ago”, Twitter users all over the country mocked the newspapers choice of words. The hashtag #ThingsThatLeaveBritianReeling has been trending on Twitter this week along with humorous examples of what really leaves Brits’ reeling.

Once user tweeted “People that don’t put toilet roll the right way”, with another saying “Toasters that aren’t big enough to fit in the whole slice of toast. What’s the point”. Our favourite (and arguably the most typically British of them all) was “When you see someone making a cup of tea and they put milk in first”. The New York Times has since changed its headline to ‘Another Terrorist Attack Strikes the Heart of London’.



And finally, politicians telling jokes is usually a cringe-filled experience but we have to applaud London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, on his snippet from an old stand-up routine which went viral this week. If you’ve not seen the video yet, or just fancy a Friday chuckle, you can watch it on the TimeOut website here (or pretty much any other news outlet or social media platform).