social media round up

Social Media Round Up – Skipping The Ads And Clean Eating At Kfc


There’s been a change for YouTube this week as the video platform has decided to do away with the 30 second unskippable ads which have proved unpopular with users. The use of long ads is more common and accepted traditionally on TV, YouTube has found that they don’t work in the faster paced media landscape where attention spans are famously much shorter. The change will be a welcomed from users and encourage advertisers to find a more interesting way to promote content on the video platform.



Yet again Facebook (which owns Instagram and WhatsApp) has cloned Snapchat’s ‘Stories’ by introducing the feature to its messenger service under the name ‘WhatsApp Status‘. The new tab within the app allows users to share videos, gifs and photos that disappear within 24 hours in a Snapchat copycat move. Users can watch updates from friends and family and reply to them directly using the encrypted messenger service. If the new feature continues to follow in Snapchat’s lead, it has the potential to become a new advertising platform with ads screened between friend’s statuses. We’re waiting to see which social platform will be next to embrace the Stories trend, could it be Twitter or Facebook itself? Watch this space…



David Bowie’s birthplace might soon shine a little brighter if his fans in London get their way. Vulture magazine reports that a crowdsourcing effort is underway to build a three-story high lightning bolt statue in Bowie’s birthplace, Brixton, South London. The giant zig-zag statue would be pay homage to the red-and-blue lightning bolt that was painted on the singer’s face for his famous Aladdin Sane 1973 album cover. Fans are encouraging as many people to pledge cash as possible with the hashtag #BowieBrixtontrending on Twitter.


The clean eating backlash reached a new level this week as KFC – yes, Kentucky Fried Chicken – announced a parody product to be launched next week. The social campaign that had us reaching for our calendars (it’s not April 1st yet, is it?) is fronted by spoof health-fanatic influencer, Figgy Poppleton-Rice. The #KFCcleaneating Burger consists of a Chia-seeded cauliflower bun, unsweetened almond yoghurt, ice cube relish, spiralised chicken breast, 100% British kale and a stroke of comedy genius. If this doesn’t hammer the final nail in the coffin of the clean eating trend we’re not sure what will. And if you fancy a bit of a chuckle this Friday afternoon, we thoroughly recommend taking a scroll through the Figgy Poppleton-Rice website and social feeds.