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Social Media Round Up – Olympic Special


This week Andy Murray claimed a gold medal at the Rio Olympics and BBC commentator Paul Hand came under criticism for his tweet about the win. While Andy Murray shed tears of joy after winning, rightly so for being the only British Tennis player to win a back to back gold medal, Paul tweeted “we’ve had macho tennis but not macho response right” and was criticised for implying that crying made Andy less macho. Thankfully for Murray Twitter was there to lend a supporting hand with posts such as “we are in 2016” and “seriously?!” quickly appearing after the comment. Hand: love. Murray: 15.


The British have been racking up the gold medals in the cycling events at the Rio Olympics, but it appears one event has viewers very confused – the omnium. We certainly enjoyed watching the cyclists sprinting and racing around the velodrome, but it seems nobody knows what is actually going on. That includes JK Rowling, who tweeted “don’t you DARE tell me Quidditch is hard to understand #pointsrace #cycling #Olympics”. Many fans agreed with JK Rowling and we’ve got our fingers crossed for Quidditch being played at Tokyo 2020. We had better start training!


Move over Posh and Becks, there is officially a new power couple in town! With a total of 10 Olympic gold medals between them, Laura Trott and Jason Kenny are the most successful Olympic couple ever and the two alone would sit thirteenth on the medal table ahead of Spain, Brazil and Canada. After the events in the velodrome, Brits took to Twitter to congratulate the pair with users saying “Just the 10 gold medals between them, that’s what I call a power couple! #Kenny #Trott” and also to express concerns about their future family: “I feel sorry for Laura Trott and Jason Kenny’s future children… Imagine the intensity of Sunday afternoon family bike rides”. All hail Trott and Kenny!


While Team GB and athletes from around the world have been collecting gold medals, it seems Snapchat deserves the gold medal for Rio 2016 social media coverage. During the first seven days of the Olympic Games, a whopping 49 million Snapchat users watched coverage of the Games through the app’s lives stories section. This means that one in three of Snapchat’s daily users are watching the compilations of video. Good effort Team Snapchat.


While we have awarded Snapchat with a social media gold medal, we are giving a sliver to Instagram for its new Events video channel. The new addition to the popular social media platform can be found in the ‘Explore’ section and will display personalised videos from concerts, sports and other live events to users based on the type of accounts they follow. Content will be sourced from Instagram users recording videos at an event and tagging the event location. No more FOMO.