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Social Media Round Up – Obama On Snapchat And Goodbye To Vine


Facebook has announced it is going to consider whether or not posts are important to the public interest before removing them from the site for ‘violating community guidelines’. The move comes after repeated criticism of Facebook from news organisations, charities and others over important posts being taken down without notice or the chance to appeal. The company has faced this criticism for years, but the chorus has become particularly loud in the past two months, sparked by the removal of an article illustrated with the iconic Vietnam war photo featuring a naked girl after a napalm attack. After that picture was removed from the site, a writer from the Norwegian paper that published the post was also suspended from Facebook, prompting its editor-in-chief to accuse Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg of censorship. With the new consideration coming into place, is Mark Zuckerberg now officially the editor-in-chief of the world’s largest news organisation?



Image collecting platform, Pinterest, has enhanced its targeting options making it easier for brands to get in front of the right audience. Businesses can now create an action-focused campaign targeting those who have saved their pins and interacted with their campaigns in the past to create personalised content for them. The retargeting enhancement uses five specific actions to help identify the audience: clicks, comments, saves, likes and close-ups. Brands can now also show users promoted pins relating to what they have previously browsed on their website. It’s great to see social platforms making it easier for brands to engage with relevant audiences.



We talked recently about Twitter’s financial situation, and adding fuel to that fire this week, the social media network announced that it is cutting nine per cent of its workforce. The most noticeable change from the public’s point of view will be the closure of its video sharing service, Vine. The platform which allows users to share six second videos from a separate app has had the rise of Instagram and Snapchat to contend with since its inception and, put simply, hasn’t been able to compete. What hasn’t yet been made clear is whether Twitter will incorporate a similar feature within the main site and is just shedding the separate app or if the six-second feature is being completely killed off and Twitter will flex its video muscles via live streaming platform, Periscope. To say goodbye to Vine in true social style, Twitter users took to the platform to share their favourite Vine videos of all time using the hashtags #RIPVine and #VineHallofFame.


President Obama was a guest on The Jimmy Kimmel Show this week shared an amusing story of how he learned all about Snapchat. Obama explained that one night after reading a news story about the app, he asked his daughter to tell him more quoting, “so, she starts to explain stuff – you can make little faces on your picture and this that and the other”. He then added that wife Michelle has been a Snapchat user since earlier this year and while he began to discuss the implications of social media with his family, his daughter Sasha was ironically recording him on the app. Sasha then sent the video to friends with the recording in the background and a bored expression on her face with the caption “this is my dad lecturing us on the meaning of social media”. A great reminder that no matter who you are, president or not, children will mock their parents on social media.