social media round up

Social Media Round-Up – New Language Skills And Art Knowledge At Our Fingertips


Conversations with the locals on our holidays will be made simple with Google’s new invention – earphones that translate up to 40 languages in real time. We can’t wait to try them out and avoid those awkward moments when communication goes out of the window when abroad.

The Google Pixel Buds follow in the footsteps of Apple’s Airpod headphones. Google’s new headphones have to be paired with a Google Pixel phone and work via some very clever AI technology and a voice-activated assistant. The earphones don’t come cheap at $159 a pair and will be available from November this year – just in time for Christmas!


As Snapchat announced it was bringing modern art digitally to spaces near you last week. This week Smartify is keeping art where many believe it belongs: on the walls and floors of art galleries across the world. Labelled the Shazam of art, Smartify allows users to scan art pieces to gather information about them. Hopefully this means the end to peering over onlookers’ heads to get the information, from the small plaque beside each piece. The database containing all the information is being constantly updated and the app is already being used in over 30 major galleries, including our very own National Gallery here in London, we wonder how long it will be until Smartify comes right to our front door at Somerset House!



There have been a few videos that have caught our attention on YouTube in the last week or so, but two in particular stand out for their sense of humour and high quality.

Pizza Hut’s advert for the “Pizza Parker”, a winter coat constructed the same material as the brand’s newly designed delivery bag, is a must have for any fast-food fashionista. It will protect you from falling rain, falling snow and falling parmesan.

Virgin Holidays and attn: have released a fantastic video highlighting the fear of judgement that half of LGBT+ couples when they go on holiday by applying the situations to a straight couple on their hols. Having, many-a-time, explained to well-meaning concierges that my partner and I will be sharing a bed (no, honestly, a double room is exactly what we booked), watching the similar situations highlighted in the video transposed on to a heterosexual couple demonstrates how ridiculous some holiday experiences for LGBT+ travellers can be whilst keeping the tongue firmly in the cheek.