social media round up

Social Media Round Up – More New Features For Snapchat And Instagram Users Snapchat Updates


We all know what it feels like having too many notifications popping up on our phones due to messages in a group chat, whether it is a Whatsapp group or simply on iMessage well, there’s a new one to add to the mix. This week Snapchat became the latest social platform to offer a group chat function for its users, allowing up to 16 people to snap together. The video and photo sharing app, famous for its filters, has also introduced a host of new features along with the group chat function including a Shazam capability, Snapchat users can now identify the name of a song being played around them by holding down on the camera button. The app has also introduced scissors and paintbrush functions, giving users the opportunity to turn themselves into a sticker by taking a snap, cutting it and saving it in the Stickers drawer alongside pre-existing ones. The paintbrush allows users to draw over their saved snaps before posting the works of art to their story.



It seems that barely a week goes by without a new Instagram feature being added these days. This week we saw live video and save options appearing in our Instagram options. First up, saving images. If you scroll through your feeds now you’ll notice a new little icon just below the bottom right corner of each image. This allows you to save posts which are then accessed by an additional tab on your profile page. So when we spot a great, super-cute animal photo we can save it so we don’t have to scroll through the feeds to find it again when we inevitably want to show everyone in the office.

Live video – a feature that has been available on Facebook and Twitter (via Periscope) for a little while now – is now gradually being rolled out to Instagram users so that we can all share real-time streaming with our followers. You’ll notice a ‘live’ icon at the top of the feed when you can watch a stream. The videos’ lifespan is only ‘in the moment’, once you end your live video it is no longer available on the platform.

Watch this space for what the next few weeks bring in Insta-updates.


As many parents worry about their children becoming addicted to social media, they’ll feel reassured to know that the industry is trying to become more responsible and push better examples to its users. It has recently been announced that fast food advertising that targets children will be banned from social media websites to reduce child obesity and encourage healthy living. This new rule applies to advertisements promoting food and drinks high in sugar, fat or salt across all non-broadcast media targeted at under-16s. A recent study showed that children are choosing social media over television with those aged between 5 and 15 spending 15 hours per week online. So although the ban may seem small it could really encourage healthier choices amongst children.


For many of us, social media offers a previously blacked out window into the lives of celebrities. We can easily find out where they are, what they’re launching, what they’re eating, which designer threads they are sporting and read their general musings on life. Some choose to opt in and out depending on how their career is tracking (and trending). Many are frequent tweeters and Instagrammers (Kardashian clan we’re looking at you) but one celeb that hit the headlines this week is Ed Sheeran. The singer-songwriter rather understatedly announced his return to social media with a single blue image posted on Twitter and Instagram this week. His first post in 12 months since he announced he was signing out last December to take to the open road.

In the week when the song Sheeran wrote for X Factor winner Matt Terry, When Christmas Comes Around, is released, social media has been taken over with speculation around the forthcoming release of new material. In a world dominated by comments, shares, re-tweets and posts it seems a picture (or a blue square at least) can paint a thousand words. Here’s hoping we can look forward to more Ed Sheeran music and musings in 2017.