social media round up

Social Media Round Up – #Lovetrumpshate


After the run-up to the US elections, which already caused a social media storm, the announcement of Donald Trump winning the election caused even more of a frenzy online. Thousands of people tweeted their anger with the result and dislike for Trump, while high-profile celebrities including Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Ariana Grande took to Instagram to voice their opinions of the new President-elect. Lady Gaga posted an image of protest with the caption: “I want to live in a #CountryOfKindness #LoveTrumpsHate He divided us so carelessly. Let’s take care now of each other”. While Grande highlighted that she “had been crying all day” due to the results.

Angry and mocking tweets flooded the timelines on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with people voicing their opinions about Trump. There were many social media users opting to find humour in the situation with tweets such as; “we had our first black president, now were having our first orange” and “this is not what we meant when we said orange is the new black”. Other social media users took a different stance, slating 2016 as a whole following both the election and Brexit, users tweeted: “has anyone tried switching 2016 off and on again” and “someone put 2016 in some rice”. However, our favourite hashtags following the election results were centred on the currently First Lady, Michelle Obama. To calm their frustration at the result, Twitter users instead looked ahead to the next election in 2020 and are voting Michelle as the winner #MichelleObamafor2020!



Snapchat has been a leader in the social media world this year and features of the app were famously copied by Facebook-owned Instagram with the ‘stories’ function. Now news outlets have accused Facebook of attempting to ‘clone’ Snapchat a whopping 13 times. Marking its 13th try, the social media giant recently launched a new app called ‘Flash’ which has a similar layout and features to rival Snapchat. The standalone app is available on the Andriod Marketplace in Brazil and offers picture, video, messaging and AR lenses that resemble Snapchat’s filters. A few days before the release of Flash, Facebook began testing another ‘Snapchat style’ feature on one of its messaging apps Whatsapp. The ‘Status’ feature allows users to take photos adding drawings and stickers before sharing them with their contacts for just 24 hours – the same amount of time that Snapchat (and Instagram) stories are available. It will be interesting to see if Flash makes it to the UK and if Status becomes more than just a test – maybe it will be Facebook’s 13th time lucky…



This week an 18-year-old A-Level student seriously confused the internet by releasing a video project online based on the John Lewis Christmas snowman Christmas ad from 2012. Nick Jablonka’s snowman video was of such a high standard that it went viral online and had people thinking it was the department chain’s real 2016 Christmas advert. Now with the festive season looming, the short animation has been viewed almost half a million times.

The hype around the John Lewis advert is not just down to Nick and his snowmen however. A teaser for John Lewis’ eagerly awaited Christmas advert was posted online earlier this week. The 10 second trailer was posted by a mysterious Twitter account called @bouncing2016 and focuses on a dog watching a girl bounce around on a red space hopper in their snow covered garden. So, without further ado, hot off the press with #busterthedog, it’s officially Christmas… enjoy!


In among the heavier, rage and sadness inducing trending news stories of the week, Brits took to social media to express their fury at the Toblerone bar redesign exclusively for the UK market. The airport duty-free classic (and post-travel office staple) now features bigger spaces between its chocolatey triangles and is ultimately smaller following the makeover. As the US presidential election race neared its end, the top of BBC News website’s list of most popular stories was not Trump or Hillary focused, but was ‘Toblerone triangle change upsets fans’. #Toblerone trended on Twitter as users shared their anger at getting less chocolate for their money. Some resorted humour and suggested new alternative uses for the new look bar, such as a toast rack and desk tidy.