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Social Media Round Up – #Livetestdrives With Land Rover


La Vie On Board… To promote its new e320 London-Paris train, Eurostar has created a great piece of art online in the form of ‘Instagram tapestry’. The @LaVieOnBoard or ‘Life on board’ Instagram account displays a canvas of nearly 200 images showing what the new train will look like and showcasing the onboard features. Each square uses a combination of photos and animated videos to tell a story and features everything from a couple falling in love to OAPs having a party on the train. The Instagram account has nearly 2,000 followers and as well bringing the train to life, it also offers followers two-for-one tickets to nine museums in London and Paris, all you have to do is find the right square!

F8 Conference Announcement: Chat-bots This week saw the Facebook F8 conference take place in San Francisco and all have been waiting in anticipation for Mark Zuckerberg’s latest reveals. Last week we heard the announcement regarding Facebook Live, but this week came the surprising announcement that messenger is to get new robot powers so that it can complete commands such as ordering pizza, calling taxis and buying tickets. But what do the virtual-chat-bots mean to us? Do we really need someone to order us dinner, taxis, tickets; surely we already have an app for that? Well, the new chat-bots are slightly more advanced than that, they will sit within the messenger app but will work as an entirely new platform that is meant to help people out and make their lives a little easier. Users can chat to artificially intelligent representatives from companies whether that be huge global enterprises, banking institutions or small independent businesses – the chat-bots will work as customer services representatives that can give you information or complete tasks, all via Facebook messenger. No humans needed. So soon we will be having complex interactions with robots that are trying to help us in our day to day lives.

#LIVETESTDRIVE with Land Rover Land Rover announced earlier this week that they will be hosting live test drives for their new Discovery Sport range. The series of test drives will be broadcast on live streaming apps Periscope and Facebook Live video every Friday throughout April. The footage will be available for people to stream live from their device of choice and experience different off-road or on-road trials from the comfort of their home. The hashtag #LIVETESTDRIVE has had interest across Twitter with users eagerly awaiting the first live session. Budding car enthusiasts, watching the live streams will also be treated to Q&As with brand experts.

AI goes awry for Microsoft The internet is going wild for Microsoft’s Captionbot, an AI (artificial intelligence) experiment which is meant to create text captions for photos on the internet based on what it recognises, but is currently missing the mark. The experiment which was launched in late March recently mistook Michelle Obama for a cellphone and the infamous blue/black/white/gold dress of 2015 as a cat wearing a tie. Keep up with Captionbot’s antics on Twitter or try it out for yourself at its official website.