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Social Media Round Up – Let’s Talk Taboo And Mirry Christmus From Ear New Zilund


In the digital age of today, there is not much we shy away from (especially as far as social media is concerned) and yet, the topic of mental health is still uncomfortable for many. Embracing the idea that it’s OK not to be OK, various campaigns have worked to reduce the stigma of mental health, and create a safe space.

Now, a new app that lets people join online peer support groups has been developed to talk about the nitty gritty of day to day life. Adopting a video based format, Huddle encourages users to talk through their problems with other like-minded individuals facing mental health and addiction challenges. Allowing users to be as anonymous as they like through pixelated videos and randomised usernames, the app limits the likelihood of online trolls.

Whilst the app probably won’t eradicate the stigma that gets attached to mental health issues, any approach to break it down little by little is a good one. It’s a small step in the right direction.



Uber’s “Fare Split” has helped many friendships stay intact, and now it seems Airbnb is following suit. The latest addition to the short-term rental platform allows users to split the cost of their stay with up to 16 people.

Payments are split equally, or if required can be set to specific rates (the lucky guest with the en-suite can of course shell out a little more cash). The recent update follows Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky’s tweet last year asking what feature guests would most like to see in 2017. The ability to split payments was the top request and has helped Airbnb in its effort to attract more users, with 30 per cent of reservations generating at least one new user sign-up in order to split the bill.

Now there is no excuse for those friends who never pay you back.


It’s the first day of December, we’ve cracked out the advent calendars and Christmas jumpers, Shakin’ Stephens and Mariah are cranked up to the max and every meal between now and New Year will be accompanied by a side of pigs in blankets. The tree is going up in the Siren offices and the Somerset House ice rink is beckoning.

We’re not the only ones getting into the spirit; Air New Zealand has released an outstanding advert which is very quickly going viral. Known for its incredible inflight safety announcements, the kiwi flag carrier has revealed the challenges that Santa and his elves face when trying to fulfil the dreams of kids who speak with an accent notorious for shifting its vowels all over the place.

We’ll say no more, here’s two minutes and 48 seconds of unbridled brilliance: