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social media round up_ it’s the social media round up, fool

say hello to reply_

Tired of constantly twiddling your thumbs on a glass keyboard and replying to your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook or SMS? If this is you, Google may have the answer.

Reply is Google’s latest foray into AI technology – on trial for Hangouts and Android users – offering suggested responses to questions like “Are you at the restaurant?” or “When can you be home” taking into consideration the user’s location to help draft a selection of responses.

If that isn’t already enough, reply can apparently identify when you’re on holiday and tweaks responses accordingly (auto-replying to any user) and an ‘advanced’ do not disturb mode, auto-messaging that you’re busy.

Sadly, Reply is still being tested at Google’s experimental lab Area 120, but it’s only a matter of time until we can all enjoy this little piece of AI cleverness.


custom headline_

If one thing’s for sure it’s that social media users can get quite angry and upset about changes made to their favourite platforms. We saw last week that the disquiet over Instagram’s move away from a chronological algorithm in the home feed (which was implemented back in June 2016!) is still going strong, and a recent change to Snapchat, replacing its Stories Page with a new Discover Page is another not being received well by users.

The company said the change was made to “separate social from media”, so, helping its users to more easily see posts from their friends and family free from brand posts. However, with the introduction of insights to the social network, it seems that it is in fact a move to make the platform more brand friendly. This new addition not only allows publishers to see their daily reach and engagement metrics but also gives access to audience demographics including interests across various lifestyle categories.

If you want to opt out of sharing this level of detail you can do so in the app settings (go to advert preferences). And if you’re still seething over the new Discover Page, we’re sure there’s a petition you can sign online.


ladies first_

Dating app, Tinder, is reported to be developing a feature giving female users the option that only they are able to make the first move. The update is similar to the user experience offered by rival dating app, Bumble, but unlike Bumble it won’t be set as a default.

Whilst the update might be viewed as a gimmick, and even a reinforcing of dated notions of gender roles and female vulnerability, it is due to be implemented in a future update. The behind the scenes work will give people more control over who can make the first move. If you are stuck for a chat-up line here is a firm favourite:

‘Hi, I’m terrible at first lines, are you any better?


fool's gold_

The Winter Olympics has caught a lot of people’s imagination this last week, from the Olympic Rings being assembled mid-air by a flotilla of expertly choreographed drones to some stunning victories on snow and on ice, and even a bronze medal for Team GB. It’s noticeable that more than ever the Games are being consumed through social media.

One avid viewer got tongues a-wagging and the Twittersphere chatting when he declared his unexpected love for curling… Mr T!!! Yes that Mr T, from the A Team!

In a series of tweets he shared his love for the game where stones are hurled down the ice with the aid of some expert sweeping and giving life to the hashtag #curlingiscoolfool, with one tweet reading,

“I am really Pumped watching the Winter Olympics. I am watching events I never thought I would watch before, like curling. You heard me, curling Fool!”

Well we pity the fool who doesn’t smile at that.