five tips for working with celebrity or high profile brand ambassadors


Five tips for working with celebrity or high profile brand ambassadors

  1.      Be selective

Just because someone has media profile or a whopping social presence doesn’t make them right for your brand, audience or particular campaign. Be really clear about what you want to achieve, as often it is about the most credible or flexible ambassador, rather than the most high profile.

Will your board stomach people who make controversial statements, have a messy love life, or publically get behind a political event? Do your customers believe that this person would really choose to use your particular brand? Does that high profile individual actually want to work with you? Research is important, if your current customers don’t trust that individual, then your target ones won’t either. You choose the people who come to work for your business carefully, therefore think through some of the same concerns – and benefits – carefully.

  1.      Listen and learn

Most talent have their own ideas over what can work, or what other businesses have tried before and it just didn’t work. Ask how they like to work, get to know their passions and understand the other dream projects they want to be involved in. You might be able to help them work towards to it, or grow their profile in the right direction. Being clear from the outset makes it easier. And the first rule of managing people is to understand what motivates them.

They know their own brand well, and their fan or customer base. If they are uncomfortable with something let them say why. If a partnership isn’t credible it just won’t work.

  1.      Think long term

Plan for at least a two-year partnership, then you have thought through how today’s campaign or project can grow and evolve. And sometimes having a carrot of extra work a little later down the line helps with getting some extra added value that wasn’t covered in the contract.

  1.      Drive a deeper connection

Celebrity Cruises Ben Fogle
The partnership is working, great – now what? Partnerships are the most credible when your customers can see how that person has influenced your business. Think about what elements of your product your ambassador can shape or have a say in, and importantly how you can earn revenue from those things. At Siren we helped Celebrity Cruises introduce a range of new shore excursions – called Great Adventures – that are more energetic or off the beaten track than those often associated with cruising by partnering with Ben Fogle. Ben’s sense of adventure helps their guests think again about how to make the most of their time on-shore.

  1.      Have fun

If both sides don’t enjoy the relationship, get to try new things and explore different ways of working, then there simply isn’t any point. If it’s too difficult, or not rewarding, then find a new approach. It will show that the ambassador’s enthusiasm is waning in any content they create for you, or media interview they do and that is too much of a risk.