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Social Media Round Up – It’s Been A #Scorchio Week


Everyone’s trying to Catch ‘Em All…
It seems the whole world has gone crazy for the Pokémon GO app and according to a new report from Sensor Tower, the average iPhone user now spends more time playing Pokémon GO than browsing their Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram apps.

The results show that the average user spends 33 minutes per day trying to catch Pokémon and only 22 minutes catching up with friends on Facebook. However Pokémon GO has a way to go before if tops Candy Crush which is still played on average 43 minutes a day. We’ve been completing our capture of the water Pokémon during our commutes with MBNA Thames Clippers. Find out more about the critters we’ve seen and the many Pokéstops and gyms along the river here and if you spot any while onboard make sure you use the hashtag #CatchEmByClipper.

There is no doubt about it; the English love getting out into the sun on the rare occasion that it appears. On Tuesday, we were treated to the hottest day of the year in 2016 so far and thousands of social media users took to Twitter to share their delight with the hashtags #UKheatwave, and #hottestdayoftheyear both trending in the early morning.

As the heat continued into Wednesday, Twitter users paid tribute to the recently passed Caroline Aherne by using the hashtag #scorchio, along with pictures of one of her most recognisable characters, the weather presenter on The Fast Show who famously used the word.

Do you speak emoji?
In a world where emoji is becoming a universal language, we continuously see the barriers between reality and social media blurring. This week, a London restaurant revealed an emoji summer menu that can only be ordered by customers sending an emoji description of dishes to staff via WhatsApp.

The menu is a riddle and challenges guests to work out what it actually is that they are ordering for dinner, there are some simple options for example – chicken salad with bacon and avocado, which use the obvious emoji characters to describe the items. However, some of the menu choices are much more complicated such as the buffalo chicken wings with crudités and blue cheese sauce. The owner of The Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill said that they like to embrace technology and that ‘emoji are now really a part of everyday conversation’.

Waterstones Wedding 
This week, sighs of adoration were heard around the internet as Twitter user, Victoria O’Brien shared her tale of a modern social media romance. Four years ago, she tweeted to the Waterstones Oxford Circus account “Well I’m in love with whoever is manning the @WstonesOxfordSt account. Be still my actual beating heart.” Last Sunday, she wrote a follow up post rather appropriately quoting Jane Eyre. “Dear reader, I married him #noreally #yeahidunnohoweither.” The tweet in question has been liked over 30,000 times and retweeted by over 10,000 people in under a week, shedding light on how real life connections can still be made through social platforms.

Ironically, given the current craze, Victoria’s original reply was to a tweet about Pokémon.