social media round up

Social Media Round Up – Insta-Albums And Facebook Tinder?


New research released this week by talent discovery platform Clapit gave us some eyebrow raising insight into the ambitions and values of digital savvy millennials. The survey focused on finding out what the YouTube generation would be prepared to give up for fame. Unsurprisingly, a quarter would give up their day job, which would probably be a common response whatever age group you asked. More worryingly however is that one in 12 would detach themselves from their families and one in ten would rather be famous than seek higher education. Likewise a quarter confirmed they would rather be famous than become a doctor.

Certainly the advance of social media has brought opportunities with it, especially the growth of YouTube and reality TV stars, but these findings do beg the question of what impact this might have on other important aspects of life – family and advances in medical knowledge to name just two. Only time will tell…



Facebook is rolling out a new feature which allows users to meet new people. The ‘Discover People’ tool encourages users to introduce themselves to people they don’t know and make new connections with people living in their local area, or those that work at the same company as them. Users will have their own mini profiles on the Discover People feature (separate to their actual Facebook profile) and can simply swipe through lists of people attending upcoming to make a connection with them. Could this turn into a Tinder for Facebook? The feature is just starting to roll out to users on iOS and Android so we will have to watch this space…



Rumour has it that Instagram may soon be adding a new feature allowing users to upload up to 10 images as one post to create a carousel-style click-through post. The carousels function was introduced for advertisers in March 2015 but is currently only for paying users. The jury is out on the new feature with some users arguing that it will allow for more creativity and others dubbing it a complication that no one asked for. Watch this space for more information on if Instagram roll out this new feature for its users.



Beyoncé officially broke the internet this week when she chose Instagram as the platform on which to announce her second pregnancy. Overnight the post became the most liked photo on Instagram ever. The record, previously held by Selena Gomez, was broken in less than eight hours and at last count, the post had more than nine million likes.

Quite used to breaking social media records, when she chose her MTV Video Music Awards performance as the moment to announce her first pregnancy in 2011 it sparked the most tweets per second of any event. Since this week’s announcement a series of images from a photoshoot to celebrate the Carter twins being on the way were posted on her official website, all simply captioned, ‘I have three hearts’. Watch this space for more record-breaking social media moments from Queen Bey.