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Social Media Round Up – Independent Goes Digital And Twitter’s New Algorithm


In digital media news, ESI has announced that it is embracing an exclusively digital future with the closure of its Independent and Independent on Sunday print titles as of March 2016. The newspaper group is currently developing a new subscription mobile App and will also be opening a new editorial bureaux in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

This week’s social media shake up came with the news that Twitter is due to introduce a new ‘relevancy over recently’ algorithm changing the way our timelines are curated. Currently Twitter users view tweets in reverse chronological order, allowing up-to-the-second content and fair share of voice for all users. With the new algorithm, paid and organic content which performs best will be highlighted, however Twitter has promised that it will not be doing away with the chronological element which has made the social platform so popular.

Instagrammers of the world #REJOICED this week as the photo sharing app finally followed in the footsteps of Twitter, and introduced a function whereby users can switch between multiple accounts without logging out of the app. Social media managers celebrated as the update makes managing a work and personal account much easier and of course no more having to remember a host of user names and passwords. Instagram has also announced that it is planning to introduce video view counts to the platform. What else is there to come?

This week we saw the cast of Zoolander 2 – the follow up of the popular 2001 film, Zoolander – give us uber-fashion selfie tips as they walked down that red carpet strutting their stuff as if they were walking for Chanel, Lagerfeld or McQueen. More importantly we saw Ben Stiller break the record for the world’s longest selfie stick whilst at the Zoolander 2 premiere. Ben Stiller struck Blue Steel, Derrick Zoolander’s famous pose as he took the record breaking 8.56 metre selfie reminding us all, that he is ‘really really ridiculously good looking’.

It is easy to forget how influential social media is until it ‘really’ makes a difference. Everyone has their favourite brand and product and are happy to voice their opinion on social media if it changes or goes away. Patak – a brand of Indian-style curry pastes, sauces and spices – released a new version of its top-selling lime pickle. Fans were horrified with the changes and over 250 customers contacted Patak by social media to complain about the new recipe. After such an impassioned response from its customers, the company has reverted back to its original recipe. Long may Patak’s lime pickle last.