social media round up

Social Media Round Up – Happy New Year


Nielsen released data on its top smartphone apps of 2016 and Facebook once again dominated the charts as the world’s favourite app with a total of 146m users per month in 2016 and a 14 per cent growth year on year. During this period, Facebook also introduced a number of new features including live video and Market Place. In second place was Facebook messenger, with 129 million unique users per month and a 28 per cent growth year on year. The next five most popular apps were all Google owned and included; YouTube, Google Maps, Google Search, Google Play and Gmail. These were followed by Facebook-owned Instagram in eighth place with a 36 per cent year on year increase. Finishing the top 10 were Apple Music and the Amazon app.



For many of us keen to be engaged in the world of social media, our priority is to be online rather than be legally aware of what we are signing up to and signing over. The law firm Schillings has recognised this and taken it upon themselves to reduce the rather extensive terms and conditions for Instagram to one side of A4 paper. What’s more, it’s in plain English to make it far easier for the majority of teenagers who use the app every day to understand. The translation follows a request from Anne Longfield, the Children’s Commissioner for England, as part of a report on children in the digital age. Research revealed that 13 year olds asked to read Instagram’s terms and conditions struggled to understand what they meant, yet they are agreeing to them. Interestingly the plain English version highlights that personal data can be shared and images can also be used by the company which is owned by Facebook. As we go into the new year, one of our resolutions might be to take inspiration from this and be more aware of what we are agreeing to by using these platforms.



After a joyful month of festivities, the dreaded January #BackToWork tweets came flooding in as the New Year celebrations came to an end. The hashtag was trending on Twitter with many users tweeting about their dread of getting back into the swing of things.
One user said: “having to get used to a proper breakfast again rather than a handful of celebrations #backtowork”. Others posted about the forgetfulness we all experience on our first day back: “how do I write a new email? Where has the button gone? #backtowork”. At least the morning commute this week has been made a little easier knowing we’re not the only ones suffering with #BackToWork brain fuzz and that the entire nation has a bad case of Christmas withdrawals.


With Snapchat breaking down barriers between social media and reality in 2016 with its Spectacles product and a host of new features, we were looking forward to what the video sharing app had to bring in 2017. So far (six days into the New Year), we haven’t been disappointed as Snapchat started the year by debuting Ed Sheeran’s new song via one of its famous filters. The 30-second clip of the new song was presented to users in the form of a filter – users didn’t get to transform into Sheeran but got to rock a pair of sunglasses and listen to the new song. Now, we’re off to sing along.