social media round up

Social Media Round Up – Google Home And Journalists Vs. Bloggers


Google has found yet another way to make it into our homes. The technology company has introduced its latest virtual assistant, Google Home, which comes with a voice-activated speaker. The AI assistant has been created to control internet connected lights, media streaming, timers and to give travel and weather updates, as well as have a conversation. Google believes that 17 years of collecting data about its users and the world, coupled with its growing expertise in machine learning, has given it a lead over rivals including Amazon, Apple and Microsoft. It will be interesting to see how users respond to the product and how much information Google will take from us to make its next move.



Vogue editors have been told to “get back to their Werther’s Originals” after complaining about the presence of ‘pathetic’ and ‘desperate’ fashion bloggers at Milan Fashion Week. News editor Alessandra tweeted “looking for style in a row full of bloggers was like going to a strip club looking for romance”, this opinion was echoed by digital director, Sally Singer who said, “bloggers who change head-to-toe paid-to-wear outfits every hour: please stop. Find another business; you are heralding the death of style”. Fashion bloggers appeared not to retaliate to the drama, however, British blogger Susie Lau tweeted “bloggers who wear borrowed clothes are merely doing the more overt equivalent of that editorial-credit system”. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for relationships between bloggers and journalists.



Southern Rail’s latest attempt to end its feud with the RMT Union appears to have backfired this week. After months of strike action and disruption for its commuters, the rail firm boldly urged passengers to protest the strikes on Twitter. Instead, commuters have used the #SouthernBackOnTrack hashtag to voice their opinions on the service, which cut more than 340 journeys earlier this year. One user tweeted ‘this morning’s train has been cancelled due to … trespassing on the line’ along with an image of seagulls on the track. This is definitely a #SouthernFail!


Here we go again…We all remember the case of #thedress – the stripy dress that took Twitter by storm last year with people arguing whether it was black and blue or white and gold. This week, Twitter users have been going back and forth over the newest optical illusion to hit the net – #mybag. It all started when Twitter user @whyofcorso posted a photo of her new handbag with the caption, “everyone say hello to my new baby”, and someone then replied “white. Daring” to which @whyofcorso responded “it’s blue”. It all spiralled from there and people still cannot decide what colour the bag is even though it is still available on the Kate Spade website and the colour is listed as ‘mystic blue’. The Twitter user that started it all (@whyofcorso) eventually had enough of people replying to her post and attempted to use the opportunity to get people to donate to her fundraising page.