social media round up

Social Media Round Up – Globetrotting Instagrammers And Facebook’s Rocket


Last weekend saw April Fool’s Day upon us and along with it came great pranks by brands that had some of us well and truly fooled. Our very own Celebrity Cruises came across an uninhabited, previously undiscovered island from a ship captained by a Yilo Apradfolos – see what we did there? Krispy Kreme had its ‘chief doughnut officer’ claim that due to too many confused Brits, they’d be rebranding to Krispy Cream on these shores to avoid pronunciation queries. Our favourite has to be the April Fool from BBC Three who tweeted a promo for new show, ‘David Attenborough: Life of Grime’, complete with shot of the veteran broadcaster fronting his own crew.



While scrolling down your Facebook feed you may notice that there is a new rocket icon if you are an iOS or Android user. The new icon has been customised to each individual user and it shows a second news feed displaying popular articles, videos and photos similar to those the users has liked or reacted to in the past, much like Instagram’s ‘explore’ page.

The rocket may be temporary as Facebook has been known to test new features out and some have claimed that they had the rocket feature but only for a short period of time. Hopefully the new feature will be taking off soon…



This week a couple have revealed they can earn up to £7,000 for a single post on the photo-sharing app Instagram. Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen get paid by various brands to take photos and travel the world and have collectively gained more than three million followers. The internet sensations say their top tip is to take photos about an hour after sunrise when major tourist attractions are less busy and avoid using Instagram filters



As the original stories creator it’s important for photo and video app, Snapchat to stay at the top of its game and differentiate its stories now that most other social platforms have also jumped on the story-wagon. This week Snapchat announced a new ‘Search for Stories’ feature allowing its users to search for stories submitted to the public ‘Our Stories’ function. Previously, users could only view and share stories with people they are friends with on the app but this new ability to search for content makes it a potential competitor for original video platform, YouTube. By introducing the new feature, Snapchat is breaking one of it’s founding rules and will allow some stories that appear in the search function to last longer than the 24 hour viewing period. It’ll be interesting to see whether the platforms that have introduced stories (Instagram Stories, Whatsapp Status and Facebook Stories) also go down this path to have more content readily available.