social media round up

Social Media Round Up – Fashion Week, Social Exits And Red Carpet Rampage


As a duchess, activist and mother it would be fair to say that Kate Middleton certainly has her hands full, but she has also taken on the role of an editor for The Huffington Post. The duchess of Cambridge has been guest editing and commissioning posts on the blog to highlight the importance of children’s mental health. One of Kate Middleton’s writers – First Lady Michelle Obama – has produced a post as part of the series titled ‘lets change the conversation around mental health’. The hashtag #YoungMindsMatter has been trending globally on Twitter with charities, health care advisors and media across the world tweeting to show support. Those that were expecting a personal opinion column from the Duchess of Cambridge will have to wait a little longer, although with the royal’s new digital presence, we don’t think it will be too far off.

It was the week of the BAFTAs and the week a ‘bag lady’ accepted an award and also the Week Stephen Fry quit twitter. It was actually Jenny Beavan accepting a BAFTA for ‘Best Costume Design’ and Stephen Fry who made the ‘bag lady’ jibe at her causing a backlash of criticism via social media with Fry subsequently quitting Twitter sighting “too many people have p****d in the pool”. Not the first celebrity to quit Twitter this year and surly not the last to receive a wave of criticism over something the British people don’t agree with. But what is interesting is how we as an audience sit, watch and share an experience. No longer are the days of being passive, we interact with the world around us so pro-actively via social media and this has wider implications. In the case of Stephen Fry and in so many others Twitter acts as a thermometer testing the temperament of the nation and can reflect of sentiments of the British people.

Is social media killing the traditional catwalk? It has been reported that designers are no longer focused on the private trade-only presentations of fashion week, but more on the consumer-driven entertainment marketing events. This week’s fashion show from Kanye West may not be the perfect example but with the show being streamed by 20 million people proving how times are changing. London Fashion Week has just started and will be screened at 60 outdoor locations reaching around 35 million people. As models and designers stream videos, photos and Snapchats from behind the scenes and afterparties customers are beginning to feel fully involved in the show rather than just seeing images of the show a day later.

In the midst of awards season, there is one question on everyone’s lips – will Leo finally get his Oscar? After receiving a whopping six nominations with no luck, people are rallying behind him in the hope that seven is his lucky number! In reaction to the “will he, won’t he” buzz, The Line Animation has created a new online arcade-style video game called Red Carpet Rampage where players, acting as Leo, race down the red carpet on a quest for the ultimate reward. With pushy photographers, Lady Gaga and icebergs as villains this game is one not to miss.