social media round up

Social Media Round Up – Fake Instagrammers And Real Life Filters


From a social media app to a fashion trendsetter, Snapchat has been leading the way at New York Fashion Week. Although we are used to seeing fashion trends recycled over the years, fashion brand Desigual capitalised on present social media trends this year with something completely new and brought Snapchat to life. With detailed paper versions of the flower crown filter and face painted interpretations of everyone’s favourite Snapchat dog, the filters came to life on the catwalk and looked great! As the lines between reality and virtual reality continue to blur, we are looking forward to what comes next in collaborations between social media and ‘real life’.


Lil Miquela is an Instagram model with over 91,000 followers – but the question is filter or fake? Fans were in a frenzy this week trying to work out if she really exists or is a computer generated image. With perfectly smooth skin, great hair and cartoon style eyes it could be said that Miquela resembles a charter from The Sims. Many fans have left comments under the model’s Instagram photos discussing whether or not they think she is an animation and some have asked her to post a video to prove that she is real. It continues to remain a mystery whether Miquela is real or if we are being duped into following a fake.


It has been a sad week for Great British Bake Off fans after it was confirmed that the show will be moving to Channel 4 next season and legendary presenters, Mel and Sue will be stepping down. Fans on social media found the news hard to swallow and expressed their upset on Twitter with Gifs and memes showing shocked and upset faces. One of our favourites is the image of Nadiya Hussain (2015 winner) with a disgruntled expression. There were mixed responses from ex participants of the show, quarter finalist Martha Collison says “Well that’s the end of that. Mel and Sue are the true stars of the show – irreplaceable #GBBO #MelAndSue”. We are patiently waiting to find out who the #MelAndSue replacements will be and how the show will perform on Channel 4 next season.


When rapper, Nelly (of Hot in Herre and Dilemma fame in the early 2000s) was hit with a $2.4m tax bill by the US government this week his fans rallied round with a #HotInHerreStreamingParty. In an effort to bail the star out, fans and nostalgic Millennials took to the internet proposing that we all stream his tracks on loop. With Spotify paying artists between $0.006 and $0.0084 per song streamed it could take more than 402 million plays of Nelly’s classic tracks to pay off his debt. Come on guys, let’s #SaveNelly.