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Social Media Round Up – Facezam And A Surprise Appointment


Did you spot news of Facezam – an alleged Shazam for faces – this week? Released with the intention of going viral, it claimed that users could upload photos of strangers and the app would search Facebook to find that person’s profile for you. The con came complete with logo branding, example screenshots of the app in action and even a fictional founder and CEO, Jack Kenyon, who was pitched out to media for interviews. When interviews were strictly by email only and no one could find a shred of evidence of Kenyon’s existence they smelled a rat and the hoax unravelled. As it turns out, the story was a campaign by an agency claiming to gain clients “international attention”. Nevertheless, this sparked some very real conversations about online privacy and certainly made us double check our personal profile settings.



Comedy videos featuring celebs David Walliams, Emma Bunton and Tom Daley have been released by British Airways ahead of ‘Red Nose Day’. The celebrities are dressed as BA staff surprising passengers in support of Comic Relief. The short videos feature the three celebrities undercover at Heathrow Terminal 5. Take a look at the videos on You Tube.



Selena Gomez, Instagram’s highest followed user, has declared that she does not like the social media platform. Although Gomez has 113 million followers and her feed is watched by more than 20 per cent of Instagram’s active users, Gomez claims she is tired of being looked at through Instagram. Her comments link back to our story couple of weeks ago that social media is linked to loneliness with Gomez citing similar reasons. She also took a break from the site last year for personal health reasons but is now once again an active user.



In case you missed the unanimous cry of ‘huh?’ from London this afternoon, George Osborne is to become the new editor of the London Evening Standard. As you can imagine, Twitter had plenty to say about it, BuzzFeed has done a rather good roundup…