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Social Media Round Up – Facebook Goes Live And Is There A Monster In The Thames?


Facebook goes live 
This month we see Facebook go live with live-streaming video. The feature, which allows users to broadcast video live from their smartphones, is a new way to create, share and discover live video on Facebook. The dedicated tab on the Facebook app links to a geo-location map that shows streams around the world. The company have been paying celebrities and media companies to use Facebook Live, in an attempt to make the platform more popular. This is a strategic way to create big conversations around the new app and drive early adopters. Facebook have been investing a lot to drive its video and live streaming technology to rival the likes of YouTube. Perhaps this is the start of something big to come.
Monster in the Thames?  
One of this week’s viral videos hit quite close to home here at Siren Towers as a passenger on the Emirates Air Line cable car claimed to have filmed a “monster” in the Thames. The video has some sceptics asking why it is so clumsily shot, shows mysterious “humps” momentarily protruding from the river’s surface. The video has spread far and wide along with rumours of an unidentified beast in the city…or the infamous Loch Ness Monster taking a springtime city break? More sensible explanations have included a school of porpoises or a lost whale. Whatever it was we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled from our MBNA Thames Clippers commute.
Type like Shakespeare 
In honour of the 400th anniversary of the famous bard’s death, keyboard app SwiftKey has launched a new keyboard which allows users to write in the style of Shakespeare. The new ShakeSpeak app turns everything that that users write into phrases from Shakespeare’s plays. Users typing ‘to be’ will be surprised with the famous quote ‘to be or not to be, that is the question’ popping up in their message box. ‘Thy’ new app is available on Android devices for a limited time so get your Shakespeare hat on start typing.
Zero-click pizza 
Domino’s Pizza has taken its ordering system to another level of laziness, with its new ‘zero clicks’ app that automatically orders a pizza when the app is opened on an Apple or Android mobile device. Simple as that! Users will first need to set up a Domino’s account, easy-order option and download the app, but when that’s all done all the usual ‘stress’ of ordering a pizza is gone.