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Social Media Round Up – Do Not Snap And Presidential Debate, Take Three


If you’re constantly removing tags from unflattering photos your friends post to social media, one company is about to make your life a whole lot easier. Whether you’re camera shy or want to claim ultimate control of which photos are posted online, AVG Innovation Labs has created the “Do Not Snap Badge”— a physical pin that’s linked to software designed to automatically blur the wearer’s face in photos when they are posted online. Clever technology means that apps will recognise the logo and blur the wearers face. Recently launched, the big social media players are yet to sign up, but if Facebook decides this is an app for them, the days of worrying about being ‘camera ready’ or un-tagging images could be a thing of the past…



This week, lots of us will have received the notification on Facebook that we can now easily buy and sell products with local Facebook users as the social media platform’s new Marketplace feature went live on the mobile app. According to the online giant, more than 450 million people visit buy and sell groups that users have set up within Facebook and this new feature will make it easier to facilitate the purchases. Simply tap the little shop icon at the bottom of the app page to discover what people in your local area have listed for sale – there’s a search function if you’re after something specific or simply browse by category until you see something you like. Users can’t bid for items in the way that we’re used to on eBay, if you want to purchase a product you enter into a private message conversation with the seller and make your offer that way. It’ll be interesting to see how many users will step away from the existing groups and other well-established sites to use this new function…watch this space.



This week saw the third and final controversial presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. During the debate, when asked about the US borders and its immigration policy, Trump confusingly argued “we have some bad hombres here and we’re going to get them out”. Hombres (‘men’ in Spanish) was instantly interpreted on social media platforms as a reference to Mexicans due to some of Trumps previous statements. Soon after the utterance, thousands of memes, including Trump wearing a Mexican sombrero, were posted to Twitter along with the hashtag #BadHombres.


Trump also caused offence during the debate when labelling Clinton a ‘Nasty Woman’, which triggered further outrage as thousands of social media users tweeted about the comment, many noting the contrast between Trump’s earlier statement that “no one has more respect for women” than he does. Tweets labelled Trump as a “misogynist”, “bully” and an “embarrassment” while one user mocked both of his outrageous comments asking followers: “Are you a bad hombre or a nasty woman? #Debate”. Clinton supporters put a positive spin on the comment, embracing it with reference to Janet Jackson’s 1986 song Nasty. Memes of the Nasty single cover replacing Janet Jackson’s face with Hillary Clinton’s were posted online with the hashtag #nastywoman. Spotify has since reported that streams of the song nasty are up 250 per cent.