social media round up

Social Media Round Up – Bumper Ads And #Greatstarts


It’s pizza time!

Twitter users were tuned into a British DJ’s feed this week anxiously waiting for the end result of his pizza story. @artworkmagnetic was feeling hungry on a five-hour train journey from Glasgow to Sheffield and decided to take to Twitter to ask his followers for advice. One of his fans suggested ordering a pizza to the train which is exactly what DJ Artwork did. Keeping his Twitter followers on their toes, the DJ eventually posted a video of three Domino’s staff racing to his train with the pizza in tow at Darlington station, just in time before the train started moving again. A member of the train crew even sat down with the DJ to share a slice. The hashtag #pizzaonatrain was trending on Twitter throughout the whole quest. Now commuters know they will never have to go hungry again!

YouTube Bumper Ads

YouTube has introduced a new format of adverts, each lasting six seconds that cannot be skipped. The ads have been developed to be six seconds long so viewers don’t lose interest and want to skip, but more interestingly they have also been developed to get around ad blocking software and deliver quick snippets of content. Over the past year we have seen the rise of platforms like Instagram and Snapchat using short video content. This year Instagram premiered its first, and the worlds shortest TV series, all with immense success, as well as thrillers and blockbuster-esque movies all being aired in 15 second short clips. YouTube’s introduction of Bumper Ads is a nod to how digital society wants to consume content, short and snappy, we have all become direct and impatient, we cannot finish an article or blog if it’s over 160 characters long. To keep a millennial happy keep it shorter than six seconds!


Kellogg’s has announced a new campaign to get the world excited in the run up to the Rio 2016 Olympics. The campaign will include a 100-day countdown using the hashtag #GreatStarts. Each day the cereal company will recreate an iconic Hollywood film scene with special help from past Olympic medal winners including Sir Steve Redgrave, Rebecca Adlington and Louis Smith. The campaign will include a user generated competition encouraging people to share their ‘great starts’ using the hashtag for a chance to win a trip to Rio to see the games. The campaign was launched on 27 April with Rebecca Adlington recreating a scene from the classic – Bridget Jones. The hashtag has taken off on Twitter already with members of the public posting pictures of their #GreatStarts from brisk morning strolls with puppies to the classic tea and cornflakes.

Airport confusion

A couple has gone viral after booking non-refundable flights to Los Vegas from the wrong Birmingham. Richella Heekin had booked the flights for her boyfriend’s 30th as a surprise, and had kept it a secret for a whole year before revealing the present at a party in front of their friends and family, but only discovered the mistake when they turned up at the airport. The tickets were booked departing from Birmingham in Alabama, instead of the intended Birmingham in England. Check before you click – a lesson of the modern age.