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Social Media Round Up – Bumble Bizz And Instagram’s New Polling Feature


Launched by the well-known dating app Bumble, the newest feature, Bumble Bizz, will connect users based on their geographical location to other users interested in networking and mentoring. As with the traditional dating app, a left or right swipe will determine if it’s a business match made in heaven, or one with no clear potential. Business CVs, skills and professional interests will replace information such as desired eye colour and personal hobbies. And as with Bumble, the ladies will be making the first move.



An anonymous app which gives users the chance to trade comments and opinions with other individuals completely namelessly is not new news. We’ve heard plenty of stories recently about the emergence of yet another new anonymous platform and each fills us with dread at the thought of the increased cyber bullying opportunities they offer. Enter ‘tbh’ – that’s ‘to be honest’ for those who aren’t fluent in text speak – which, according to its iTunes App Store description, already has 4 million users. It’s aimed at teens and the premise is simple: users can only exchange compliments. You add your friends and via a series of poll questions such as ‘who makes you laugh the hardest?’ or ‘Who is the best to bring to a party?’ users are given these purely positive titles, American Year Book style. Bravo tbh, bravo!



Snapchat has partnered with renowned artist, Jeff Koons, and other acclaimed modern artists, to bring modern art to your pocket through the wonders of augmented reality.

The app will now reveal a special “lens” when in the vicinity of new virtual installations, showing you amazing pieces of modern art through your screen, as if physically there.

Although the platform is in its early stages this could be a really interesting platform in which to share art with those unable to travel to see certain pieces in person. We would love to see one of Jeff Koons’ masterpieces up in the Somerset House courtyard. There is also a sign-up for to allow all artists to share their digital artwork… maybe some of our meeting-room doodles will be on a screen near you soon.


In the latest addition to the app, Instagram has now added a new interactive polling sticker which allows users to add a poll to their Instagram Story. The polls last for 24 hours like all of Instagram’s Stories and then disappears. So if you want to know whether to buy your favourite dress in black or white, if people like pizza or pasta best or whether you should go out or stay in tomorrow night, the poll makes it easy!

This new feature comes with a warning – the polls are not anonymous so cast your votes carefully!