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Social Media Round Up – Apple Clips And Silence For Piers


Twitter has finally announced the launch of a new tool for live video streaming. The social giant has teamed up with professional editing software producer, API, to allow media publishers, vloggers and brands to share more customised live content with their followers.

While Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Snapchat and Periscope all facilitate posting live content, the launch of Twitter’s live API connects professional equipment to the social platform such as big video cameras, desktop editing software and satellite vans. Twitter added to the function to broadcast live from its main app last year due to downloads of Periscope decreasing. Since then, Twitter has been working to stream big news and sporting events such as NFL and the new live API could encourage even more.



In more video news… April 2017 will see the launch of Clips, Apple’s video app which is a cross between iMovie and Snapchat. Clips will allow users to edit together a series of video clips and still images into longer videos which can then be customised with filters, stickers and emojis.

The app is designed for a generation who share videos constantly. Its most unique feature is live titles which allows users to record their voice which then becomes subtitles on the video. Clips is being dubbed a more flexible app than some of its competitors as the videos filmed through the platform can be much longer and it is not part of one particular social platform, although the content is easily shareable. The app has lots of real-time video and also uses facial recognition to discover who is in your video and can recognise a friend’s name if you say it during the recording. We’re looking forward to getting our hands on the app once in launches next month.



The trend for platforms embracing disappearing content has been unwavering over the past few months and users are generally embracing the feature – Instagram Stories reached 150 million daily users in within its first six months. However, things aren’t quite so rosy for WhatsApp’s version, Status. Since its introduction a few weeks back, ratings of the app have been falling in Google Play and this week Facebook (who owns the messaging platform) were faced with accusations of uploading fake positive reviews to up the Google Play rating of the app – repetitive reviews, with many describing it as a ‘fun game’. WhatsApp responded to the accusation denying any involvement claiming that they “don’t have time for fake reviews” and “we are focused on making our service better for our 1.2 billion users”.



As one of the most Marmite presenters of our time, Piers Morgan is very well known for being particularly outspoken (and annoying) on Twitter. However today, to raise money for Red Nose Day, he is being silenced on Twitter for 24 hours all in the good name of charity. His arch Twitter nemesis, Lord Sugar, was the one who dared him to stay silent and to put an even funnier spin on it, he said that he would increase the amount donated if Morgan wore a Spurs football shirt. For those that don’t know, the two often go at it on Twitter about football and Morgan is an avid Arsenal supporter. With a total of £50,000 raised to zip Morgan up and wear a Spurs top, Lord Sugar said it is was “the bargain of the century” and his “due diligence to the public” as well as “the best birthday present he could ask for on his 70th”.