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Social Media Round Up – A Globetrotting Granny And #Bathrobegate


Ahead of Valentine’s Day we saw reports this week of a new virtual reality character being targeted at singletons in Japan. Baachan Riartii (Granny Reality) is an elderly lady character created to promote the cuisine and hospitality of the town of South Awaji in central Japan, who will talk to singles while they eat dinner alone. The series (starting with breakfast) shows the friendly old lady making traditional foods including rice balls, miso soup and crispy lettuce. As well as keeping viewers company she, like most of our grandmas, will enquire into whether you’re getting enough sleep and eating your vegetables. Single or not, this sounds preferable to the saccharine sweet offerings on Valentine’s day – heart-shaped pizza anyone?



It’s never too late to embrace social media as this ’89 year old globetrotting granny’ shows us. Here at Siren we have become a little obsessed with following the adventures of Baba Lena, 89, from Siberia. Since turning 83, she has visited Thailand, Turkey, Poland, Vietnam, Israel, Germany and the Czech Republic and amassed over 23 thousand followers on Instagram. Take a look at her adventures here: @babushka_1927.



As PRs we are very familiar with double checking the facts before we speak on behalf of our clients, but it seems that Sean Spicer, President Trump’s press secretary, hasn’t been using the correct process this week. Spicer took on his boss’s famous #Alternativefacts mantra this week when he announced that Donald Trump ‘definitely doesn’t wear’ a bathrobe following a report from the New York Times which refers to the president ‘watching TV in his bathrobe’. In response, social media users went on a crazy witch hunt and a series of old photos of Trump wearing a bathrobe surfaced. Soon after, a number of hilarious memes and photo captions with the hash tag #bathrobegate (which trended) appeared all over the social platform. Next time be sure to double check the facts, Spicer!



Justin Bieber returned to Instagram on Wednesday after a six month break from the social media platform. The star left Instagram after he received hateful messages related to his summer romance with Sofia Ritchie. In true Bieber style, he came back with a bang, posting two topless selfies on the photo sharing platform. The return to Instagram ties in with a Bieber’s new T-Mobile advert which he shared with his 77 million followers raising speculation as to whether this was a financially motivated decision. We’re certain it’s a safe bet to say that it was!