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Social Media Round Up – Top Instagram Tips And A Nuggets Update


Photo sharing platform Instagram has this week updated its mobile website allowing users to post pictures directly from a browser. The social network previously only allowed users to post images from the Instagram app and the website simply allowed visitors to browse feeds and like or comment on existing posts. The update to the mobile version of the website is rumoured to help users save their phone battery, data and storage space with the ability to simply log on and use the web browser instead of the app. However, reports indicate that the site is still missing some of the app’s most popular features including the all-important filters. It’ll be interesting to see whether Instagram users opt to use the mobile website or stick with the app going forward.



It’s official, if you want to secure maximum likes on your Instagram posts the best time of day is at 7.30pm on weekdays and 11am on the weekend.

The results are from a recent survey by Hopper HQ, an Instagram scheduling site which conducted research into 1.2 million posts. The results also showed that Gingham is the most popular filter attracting the most likes and comments. Images with this popular filter get 22 per cent more likes than other images from the same account. Time to put this knowledge to the test and we can help further with MBNA Thames Clippers’ #SailingAtSunset sessions. Top Instagrammers @mumhad1ofthose and @Levantermanwill be on-board for sunsets over the next four Tuesdays offering even more tips to make sure you’re posting fantastic shots. For more details visit the MBNA Thames Clippers website here.



He only wanted nuggets — now he has the most retweeted tweet ever! Does everyone remember Carter Wilkerson? The man who asked US fast food chain Wendy’s how many retweets he would need for a year’s supply of nuggets. They said 18 million and a campaign was launched. While he hasn’t reached that total, he now has the most retweeted tweet of all time officially overtaking Ellen and THAT Oscars photo. This week the team over at United Airlines decided to get in on the action offering Carter a free flight if he reached the 18 million goal. Unfortunately Twitter isn’t 100% ready to let United forget about their recent PR disasters and took to letting United know exactly what they thought of them in the only way Twitter knew how… Take a look at the latest via the catchy hashtag #nuggsforcarter.



We’re usually big fans of Dove’s body positive campaigns but this week the brand came under fire for its new ‘body-shaped’ shower gel bottles. The thought behind the new designs is to portray the diversity of body shapes but much criticism has been focused on the categorising of women’s bodies and dividing us by our body shapes.

There has been quite a backlash on social media with many comments similar to @thejuliedaniel who tweeted that she just wants to use the body wash and ‘not be reminded that I’m pear shaped’. Others took the opportunity to poke fun at the brand, one of our favourite posts was this by @condiricenbeans.