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Social Media Round Up – No More Fake News And Viral Video For Vicks


This week saw search engine giant Google take a defiant stance against fake news. It has announced that it will be introducing new tools that will enable users to report misleading, inaccurate or hateful content. In turn it has pledged to change its search results policy so that those websites that are found to be promoting fake news would be demoted. The company has faced criticism recently for appearing to promote fake news as its algorithms struggle to make the distinction between bona fide and not-so-bona fide sources. Facebook has also faced mounting pressure to tackle the issue as MPs on the Culture, Media and Sport Committee prepare to undertake an inquiry amid claims it has influenced elections in the US and Europe, it seems fake news will remain on the news agenda for some time to come.



In another bid to take a stance against fake news the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, has launched a crowd sourced website called Wikitribune. The news website requires people to pay to access stories and has been developed due to the rise of fake news, the power of online advertising which effects journalism, and Wales’ argument that people will pay for high quality news.

The new site aims to offer ‘evidence based journalism’ and redefine the role of the editor as there will no longer be one person choosing what is reported. Instead, journalists, fact checkers and the community will work together. Wales claims the new platform will give power back to the people to choose the information they want to read about. Watch this space for more developments…



Cold and flu brand Vicks, often recognised for its Vaporub product, touched the hearts of the world with a new video telling the true story of transgender woman and her adopted daughter in India.

In the video, teenager Gayatri looks back on her life and tells the story of how she was adopted and found a loving mother who was later revealed to be Mumbai-based transgender activist, Gauri Sawant. The video quickly went viral with many people praising Vicks on social media with tweets including: ‘honestly did not expect this from any company. Kudos to #Vicks #India for not giving in onto social #stigma.’

A spokesman for Vicks’ said they hoped to highlight ‘the importance of care beyond just the traditional perception of family’ with the short video which is titled ‘Generations of care #TouchOfCare’.Watch the advert here:



This week Amazon unveiled its newest AI product, Echo Look, which is being dubbed by the brand as a ‘the ultimate bedroom companion’. The voice-controlled selfie camera allows Amazon’s AI assistant, Alexa, to give users fashion tips and help them to decide what to wear. The camera works by producing blurred background so you can look your best in full length selfies and then compares photos of the different outfits you have tried on to advise which look suits you best.

There were mixed reviews on the new selfie camera on social media with some Tweeters referring to it as ‘the future of fashion retail’ and others ‘a privacy, trust, ethics and security nightmare’. We’re looking forward to seeing if Alexa’s styling tips are popular in the world of fashion.