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Social Media Round Up – 3d Filters And Brenda From Bristol


Every day brings new excitement for Snapchat users with the rush to check their phones to see what new filter will be appearing on their screens. From the favourite flower headband to the voice-changing bee, users love transforming themselves on the app.

This week they included a feature enabling users to interact with what’s on their screen, for example, planting a virtual flower in the ground or writing giant floating words. The update is now live and will release new experiences daily, along with the classic face filters – we’re looking forward to seeing what else is to come with Snapchat…



Brenda, 75, from Bristol, became an internet sensation earlier this week after reacting with shock to the snap election on Tuesday. “You’re joking?! Not another one?” she responded when told of the news. The video of her exasperated reaction went viral and prompted hundreds of comments on Twitter.

Many people have expressed sympathy with the 75-year-old retired secretary, who does not have the internet in her home so had not seen the astonishing reaction to her comments. The hashtag #Brenda was trending on Twitter in the UK above both Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Mrs May – see the video here.



Social media is an increasingly powerful marketing tool for influencers endorsing brands. This week there has been further developments to the rules around endorsements with a call for more regulation over paid sponsors. Instagram has warned celebrities and influencers that they must clearly show when they are being paid to promote a product. Regulators claim that consumers are being deceived by posts which do not clearly show that it is an advert. In a letter to 90 individuals and marketing firms, consumer regulators called for transparency and asks influencers to use hashtags such has #sp or #ad high up in their paid-for endorsed posts so smart phone users can see them.


In Facebook news this week, there have been reports that Facebook is planning a new project to ‘read the minds’ of its users with a secret team of 60 researchers at ‘Building 8’ working on developing a scheme. The plans were revealed at Facebook’s annual F8 conference about the new scheme which will allow users to use their minds to type messages.

Involving brain-computer interface technology, the new mind reading capability will include wearable sensors that could let people send emails and texts by thinking, without the need to type. The social giant’s ultimate goal is to create a system capable of typing 100 words-per-minute straight from the brain to help people with communication disorders. Watch this space…