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Siren shares expertise in launching a London City restaurant

Launching a restaurant is something the Siren team not only LOVE to strategise and action, but always deliver on. Our team has a wide range of experience in this sector, from servicing nationwide chain brands to independent local London offerings. 

Our most recent work with the Sandeman Quarter ( in London delivered an exceptional range of over 40 pieces of coverage on both Sandeman Quarter’s Bar 1790 and re-opening of the iconic City restaurant The Don. 

Our food, restaurant and luxury expert Dimitra Papoutsakis shares what she considers most critical when delivering PR results on a new restaurants’ opening:

– Local Media Matters – Investing time and reviewing opportunities in local media will deliver the types of coverage that will influence local consumers. We were thrilled to secure both in-depth reviews and local listings such as Square Meal’s raving review (link) and listings on high-ranking local sites such as The Nudge (link) and more. 

– Community Engagement: Part of PR for a local venue must include fostering relationships with local organisations and businesses to demonstrate a commitment to the community and enhance brand reputation. Crafting loyalty programmes and discounts for the local community can go a long way. Siren were able to arrange walk rounds and bookings for local businesses and PAs in the area. 

– Brand Storytelling: Crafting a compelling narrative that showcases the venue’s unique selling points, such as its cuisine, ambiance, or sustainability practices is key in differentiating it from competitors. For us, it was all about the historic site’s features, the team’s expertise in wine and contemporary food. 

– Local Influencers: You don’t just want to collaborate with any influencer on reviews and content, but you want to target the ones your local consumers and target audience group will be following. Ours was key square mile influencers and foodie experts. This will not only generate buzz, but bookings too.


Once a PR strategy and plan has been activated, maintaining a consistent and engaging communication with customers, through newsletters, social media updates, or loyalty programs, to cultivate a loyal customer base will ensure that the customers keep booking themselves in and share the love via word-of-mouth recommendations. 


Remember, launching a local restaurant requires a strategic approach that combines creativity, community engagement, and effective communication to stand out in a competitive market.

The Siren team is available now for support on restaurant launches – contact us here